Jeff Teague
Jeff Teague is hot garbage. Teague was supposed to be an upgrade over Brad Wanamaker but has proven to be totally worthless. (Jesse D. Garrabrant/NBAE via Getty Images)

Jeff Teague Is Hot Garbage

The Celtics thought they were getting an upgrade when they let Brad Wanamaker go in favor of Jeff Teague. Well, they were right, but Teague hasn’t lived up to expectations. That’s being nice. The Celtics back up point guard can only be described as hot garbage.

Teague mostly has been taken out of the rotation for Payton Pritchard. Thus far on the season, the former Wake Forest product has played in 23 games averaging 17.3 minutes per contest. The pure shooting numbers? God awful. Teague is shooting 32.3% from the floor. He’s unplayable.

Teague has no burst. Part of it might be the fact that Teague is rocking goofy number 55 so he just looks washed before he steps on the floor. He’s also averaging just two assists per game so he’s not solving the ball movement problem either.

Teague has never been an elite sharp shooter but he can’t score in general now. The only reason Teague has a positive +/- is because Kemba Walker has been BRUTAL. Teague has been part of the problem, not the solution.

Maybe this is too far fetched but what is Teague giving you right now? When the buyout market comes, why not just cut Teague? Hand the keys to the young guns on the roster. There’s no sense in playing the guy at this point.

Teague has only shot above 45% in three of his 12 seasons. He’s always been an average point guard. Now that’s he’s lost a step, Teague is full blown terrible. The Celtics suck in general but Teague is an eye sore even with their struggles. Let’s end this nightmare.