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Jeff Nadu


Jeff Nadu Returning to Barstool Sports

Jeff Nadu

Jeff Nadu Returning to Barstool Sports

After hinting at a new contract, Jeff Nadu (aka Big Man on Campus) has announced his return to Barstool Sports. The news broke via this video Nadu posted to Twitter:

RoundBall Podcast

As for what Nadu will be doing in his return, those details are coming together as well. Evidently, there’s a new college basketball podcast called RoundBall in the works at Barstool. Nadu will be joined by Barstool personality Marty Mush as well as former Iowa basketball player Jordan Bohannon and current Michigan player Hunter Dickinson.

This new show appears to be a rebrand of Nadu’s old college basketball show, Big Man on Basketball. The RoundBall Twitter account, established in November 2020, already has 10.5K followers.

We can only speculate what this means for Barstool Bench Mob, the media outlet’s preexisting college basketball podcast. That show has been manned by Marty Mush, Jake Marsh, and Rico Bosco. Recent news may indicate that this show will be scrapped with Mush joining RoundBall. It’s also possible Bench Mob will continue without Marty Mush and an in-house rivalry will start. Jordan Bohannon clarified on Twitter that Rico Bosco is still “his boy.”

Jeff Nadu’s long-standing rivalry with Bosco is well-known and this new podcast is a clear move by Nadu to establishing himself as the go-to for college basketball coverage at Barstool.

Since his original departure from Barstool Sports, Nadu spent time establishing his own independent mafia history podcast, The Sitdown. This is a passion project that has produced 72 episodes so far, and it’s likely Nadu will continue to create this content on the side. He also found time to fight Jersey Jerry in Barstool’s Rough N’ Rowdy event.

BMOC also indicated that he will be involved with college football content this upcoming season. Nadu is back in action.


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