Jeff Nadu Jersey Jerry
(Rough And Rowdy)

Jeff Nadu VS Jersey Jerry Set For December On Rough And Rowdy

Jeff Nadu and Jersey Jerry are set to be the main event for Rough And Rowdy on December 10th. When you have an issue with someone and you both agree to just fight it out, that’s some entertainment a lot of people love to see. Both fighters will be making their Rough And Rowdy debut, and apparently, all this started because of a quick Twitter exchange.

So here we have Jerry asking Dave Portnoy about a refund for his bet because the refs screwed Julio Jones out of a touchdown. It was ruled a touchdown, and clearly lacked sufficient evidence to overturn the score but the refs for some reason overturned it anyway. I mean, this seems like a fair question to ask. Looks like Jeff Nadu was having none of Jersey Jerry requesting his money back due to a bad beat.

Clearly, Jerry wasn’t having any of that either and basically challenged him to a Rough And Rowdy fight. Does anyone know if either of these guys can fight? I mean, they look scrappy which will be entertaining to watch. Jeff Nadu has been moving around quite a bit since leaving Barstool. He did a show with our very own Adam Krieger. Nadu has also been given a chance to defend himself.

If you’re wondering who to place money on, enjoy a coin toss because as far as I know, there’s no real evidence of either of them having major fighting experience. All I know is this is set to happen, and these two men will settle their differences in organized violence for everyone’s entertainment.

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