Jeff Nadu

Jeff Nadu Goes On Picks Central to Defend Himself and Fight for a Job

Jeff Nadu made his way to New York City to make a live appearance on Picks Central in the Barstool Sports Office. A few things stood out right away, and the show also had a guest appearance with Dave Portnoy calling in from his Montauk summer home.

Where was Rico Bosco

Rico Bosco, who is Jeff Nadu’s biggest hater in the world was NOT in the studio for the show which he usually is a staple. When Nadu first quit Barstool, it was ultimately because Bosco made his life miserable at the company and was actively trying to get him fired.

Nadu came on my show Kriegs Korner back in the day and claimed that Rico was actually threatened by Nadu. Nobody knows what actually happened, but at the end of the day Rico did not show up to the office when everyone knew Nadu was coming, a sad look.

Dave Portnoy’s Perspective

It was no surprise he made an appearance considering Portnoy uses Nadu to rile up Bosco. Like it or not, Portnoy knows if the two of them are both at the company, both of their content will be better because of added pressure from one another.

Portnoy wants Bosco to defend some wild claims that he made about Nadu that are horrible, but Bosco allegedly has tweets that put Nadu in a bad light from a long time ago.

“I believe there is enough room for everybody.”

Portnoy on Picks Central

At the end of the day, Barstool Sports is a huge company where there are so many different content creators and talented people. Nadu and Bosco could co-exist and just never work together, they can just be normal human beings.

Nadu cleared the air with some other personalities like Marty Mush and the show’s host Brandon Walker (to an extent). He says he has tons of regrets, I am sure he does, but at the end of the day if he doesn’t get hired back at Barstool the only person he can blame is himself for quitting.



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