Jeff Nadu
Is Jeff Nadu in danger of being fired by Barstool? Dave Portnoy bashes Nadu again. (Twitter)

The Barstool Sports Book opened in Michigan today. All essential gambling personalities are in Michigan today to open the doors. Well, except for Jeff Nadu. Anywhere that Rico goes, Nadudadu (as Dave Portnoy says) does not. It’s in his contract.

The problem with Nadu other than being Dave Portnoy’s personal taser with Rico is that he dug himself into a hole on this one. The man otherwise known as Big man on campus commented on a photo of the gamblers with this caption.

That, of course, is Elio. Portnoy, Elio, and Todd McShay grew up together and hosted a radio show back in the day. Elio is grandfathered in to do whatever he wants gambling wise for Barstool. Most of which today includes Portnoy and Elio chopping it up at horse races.

Portnoy wasn’t going to let such this comment go. Portnoy came crashing to the scene quickly.

It’s the second tweet that the Barstool founder sent out that begs the real question. Is Nadu not long for Barstool? It’s one thing to be employeed as Rico’s rival. It’s another thing to dig holes for yourself. This isn’t the first time Portnoy ripped into Nadu.

We’re getting to a point where you have to question the future of Nadu.

What’s the future of Jeff Nadu? He’s forever a 7th inning reliever when Rico decides to go on antics and not to show up for events. Those are essentially Dave’s words. The only thing that might save Nadu’s Barstool career is to have him fight Rico at Rough N Rowdy… which will never happen. If Rico won’t be in the same room as him, he would also never agree to the fight.