Jason Whitlock
Lou Rocco/ESPN Images

Jason Whitlock decided to get into it on social media with Barstool’s Kayce Smith, about Whitlock’s previous article referring to ESPN’s Maria Taylor and Katie Nolan. Whitlock just always puts himself in hot water, notably with ridiculous comments about Kobe Bryant.

Simply put, Whitlock is no stranger to controversy, as for years he’s attacked Katie Nolan and Maria Taylor simply on the premise that he believes they have no talent. Whitlock says they are over-hyped because of their looks. He cannot take away the accomplishments of these personalities. Whitlock cannot deny the path they take, which is the road less traveled. Nolan, for one, had her podcast in 2011 while bartending in Boston. She had a popular show and turned into a contract with ESPN.

Jason Whitlock joins Kayce and KFC

My takeaway from this interview is that Whitlock is so out of touch with the rest of the world. I wonder why he didn’t get renewed on his contract? Not only did Whitlock try to belittle Kayce and KFC, but he then goes onto say twitter is just a joke, and he doesn’t take it seriously.

Smith called out Whitlock for posting a picture from Smith’s Instagram. Whitlock claimed it was just a joke saying she doesn’t have a leg to stand on. Attacking every and all-female sports journalists is just wrong. Not for nothing but all of these girls got to where they are for a reason. And no, not the reason Whitlock thinks. Honestly, it just makes Jason look like a sexist asshole.

Fox Sports must like taking high risk hires with unfiltered hair brain journalists. Skip Bayless and Whitlock are prime examples of this. Both can’t help themselves and waltz right into controversy. Well, controversy sells, so I guess they have the right formula. Granted, Fox has since smartened up, as I mentioned earlier. The headache they must’ve had dealing with Skip and his insensitiveness towards mental health, and Whitlock with his racist, sexist takes. I’m not a fan of the cancel culture, but, in this instance, maybe it is best to leave Whitlock to his own devices.