Don La Greca Skip Bayless
Don La Greca calls Skip Bayless human trash and a talentless hack for his comments on Dak Prescott’s mental health. Someone in the media had to say it.

Don La Greca and Skip Bayless have known each other for a long time. The two of them were coworkers at ESPN for many years. If they still were coworkers, it would have been quite a drama-filled Friday in the office. Many media personalities have ROASTED Skip Bayless (rightfully so) for his comments about Dak Prescott’s mental health.

Prescott admitted that he was suffering from depression after the loss of his brother. Skip, of course, had the dumbest and most ignorant comment of all-time calling Dak weak. La Greca had a take on the matter and summarized who Skip is the best way possible.

  • Talentless hack.
  • Human trash.
  • Not an ounce of talent or integrity.

Amen! Skip made a deal with the devil. Everything is about clicks and trying his damn best to make himself sound like a fool, so people react. As La Greca said, when it’s talking about sports, he can get away with it. When you’re joking about mental health, it should be a fireable offense.

La Greca hit the nail on the head. Skip doesn’t have any talent. Everything the guy says is nonsense. There’s never a time where Skip says something to make himself sound intelligent. Everything is designed to be “That Guy.” When you give an ignorant and uneducated person the free reign to say whatever he wants without consequences, this is what happens.

I started this website for one reason and one reason only. I believe there are a lot of smart people in the sports realm who never get the opportunity they should. For some reason, sports media has turned into rewarding the guy who is willing to make a fool of himself more than others. It’s something that needs to change. Skip has to go!

Furthermore, Dak is a leader. I applaud Dak for his courage to speak out about mental health because we will never get better as a society understanding it if everyone bottles it up. We need more people like Dak and less like Skip. Now it’s time for Fox Sports to do their part and take his platform away. We do not need people in the media to discourage people from speaking out about their mental health. That’s why the stigma is a thing in the first place.