Jameson Taillon
Jameson Taillon is fired up to join the Yankees. I guess being traded away from the Pirates has to be a relief for any player. (Matt Freed/Post-Gazette)

Jameson Taillon feels like a new man after being traded to the Yankees. I guess that’s what happens when you leave the Pirates organization. Taillon gets to rejoin former teammate Gerrit Cole in New York and he couldn’t be happier about it.


“Overnight, I went from a rebuilding organization to a team like the Yankees, where I’m stepping in and the only thing they care about is to win,” Taillon said. “That has kind of lit a fire under me, so I’m extremely excited to throw, excited to build up for Spring Training.”

“I’m focused on a hip-hinge movement, which gets your glutes involved,” Taillon said. “You hear as a kid, ‘Throw with your legs,’ so I had never been properly taught what that really meant. Now I’m activating my legs in a way that takes some pressure off my arm.”

“As far as health goes, I’m feeling great. I’m ready to roll,” Taillon said. “All my bullpens have gone extremely well. Everything’s on schedule for me. I think I can contribute. I’ve put a lot of work into my rehab to put myself in a position to contribute to a team like the Yankees, so I’m confident that I’ll be ready to go.”

Taillon, The No. 2 overall pick in the 2010 MLB Draft, feels like a high ceiling player for the Yankees. Taillon was picked behind Bryce Harper and ahead of Manny Machado. Health mostly prevented Taillon from becoming a star. In 32 starts in 2018, Taillon posted a 3.20 ERA. This could wind up being a great buy for New York.

Four prospects including right-handers Miguel Yajure and Roansy Contreras, infielder Maikol Escotto, and outfielder Canaan Smith are all heading to the Pirates. In all, Pittsburgh acquired the Yankees’ 15th, 19th, and 21st overall prospects.