James Harden
There is no tomorrow for the Houston Rockets. The pressure is on James Harden to deliver. This is his chance to change the narrative that he isn’t a winner. (Bob Levey/Getty Images)

The Houston Rockets are the only team in the NBA that has two former MVP’s. Despite that fact, there is serious doubt that Houston can even win a first round series. Doesn’t that say everything? Hey, James Harden, the pressure is on. You better bring it in the postseason this year. Your legacy depends on it.

Is James Harden a winner? Probably not. Does Harden make others better? Hell no. Is Harden coachable? Nope. There is no denying that Harden is a terrific individual scorer. At the end of the day, nobody is taking him to start a franchise over other elite players. Harden has one chance to shift that narrative.

James Harden got everything he wanted. He is the face of the franchise and gets the ball any time he wants it. Harden didn’t want Chris Paul and pushed him out for Russell Westbrook. If Westbrook implodes in the postseason, that’s on Harden. This is who he wanted. Houston went super small ball, to accommodate the MVP duo. If it doesn’t work, that’s on Harden too.

I think Houston is on to something with the small ball. People mocked the Warriors for building a jump shooting team. Still, there are so serious red flags that can’t be ignored. The Rockets rank 29th in assists. Not sure that flys in the playoffs. Houston ranks first in 3-point attempts and 23rd in percentage. Not sure that’s good enough either. The pace in the playoffs slows down so I’m not sure they have the advantage they do in the regular season. Have to also recognize the rebounding disadvantage the Rockets are already at.

The window is now. There is no tomorrow for the Rockets. They have given up every draft pick known to mankind. Both Harden and Westbrook are in their 30’s. It’s only downhill from here. There is no tomorrow. The pressure is on… James. Your legacy is on the line.