Jalen Suggs
Jalen Suggs is the best player in the 2021 NBA Draft. Don’t talk to me about anyone else. I will put my trust in the Gonzaga point guard. (Darron Cummings/Associated Press)

Jalen Suggs Is The Best Player In The 2021 NBA Draft

You can talk to me about Cade Cunningham, Jalen Green, Evan Mobley, or whoever you want in this year’s 2021 NBA Draft. You can have all of them. If I were running an NBA team, Jalen Suggs is the guy (Check out our scouting report here). If he’s on the board, that’s my pick. Trey is calling here shot here. When you look at the 2021 NBA Draft five years from now, the Gonzaga point guard will be the best player in the class.

I don’t quite get why Suggs isn’t the number one player on everyone’s board? For starters, he’s related to former Ravens’ pass rusher Terrell Suggs. Umm… do you remember T-Sizzle, cause I do. Suggs wasn’t just a feared pass rusher. That man was a dog. Look, all these NBA prospects have talent. How many have that edge?

That’s half the battle. Andrew Wiggins was talented but he’s got no dog in him. Half the battle with these guys is finding someone with that eye of the tiger. I’m pretty confident I’m getting that with Jalen Suggs. In fact, I think he’s the only guy I can say that about in this draft minus the Baylor point guard Davion Mitchell. I want a dog and Suggs is that guy.

This dude is the total package. Prolific scoring, uber athletic, efficient, marksman from deep, and an alpha. Gonzaga was a great team but make no mistake about it, this was the dude. Suggs shot 40% from 3 and over 50% from the field as a freshman. Sure, maybe the assist numbers weren’t there but my god. How many times do you find a point guard like this?

It’s not like Suggs is this small point guard with flaws. He’s 6-foot-4 which is plenty big enough to where you feel he won’t totally get cooked on defense. In fact, Suggs is known as a lock down defender. This is a team first guy. He’s going to play his ass off on the other end of the floor when many point guard won’t. That’s the kind of guy I want on my team.

I just think Suggs is a notch above the rest. It’s hard to quantify but I just love his feel for the game. He moves so well even without the ball in his hands. Just something that some players in the league become lazy with. This dude constantly looks for back door cuts and finds ways to get open. There is something to be said beyond just tenacity. I think the Zags point guard has just such a great feel.

I don’t get this one. Don’t even talk to me about the other players in the draft. I want Suggs. Feed me Suggs. This is the dude right here. I’ll put my eggs in this basket.

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