Cade Cunningham
Cade Cunningham wants you to know he loves Detroit. The Pistons are set to take Cunningham with the first pick in the 2021 NBA Draft. (Devin Lawrence Wilber/Tulsa World)

Cade Cunningham Wants You To Know He Loves Detroit

Cade Cunningham is the presumptive number one overall pick heading into the 2021 NBA Draft. I would personally take Jalen Suggs, but that’s a story for another day. The Pistons have their hearts set on Cade Cunningham and he loves them back. Cunningham has no issue going with Detroit and has loved everything about the city during the predraft process.

VIA Pro Basketball Talk:

“I love Detroit,” Cunningham said when speaking to the media via Zoom on Friday. “I’ve already been listening to Detroit music and things like that way before the draft lottery or any of that stuff. I was already hip to the culture in Detroit…

“If Detroit picks me, that’s the main thing I would try to do, step in and embody the swag that people from Detroit walk with, the people from Michigan in general. They kind of have an underdog go-get-what-you-want feel to them, and I like that about the city. If I am able to go in there and be like the No 1 pick, I’m going to try to carry that same swag in how I walk on the court and make the most out of wearing red, white, and blue.”

Alex Chick would tell you the Pistons get all the max free agents. Maybe that’s why Cunningham loves Detroit? Nevermind… moving on.

Hey, this is a move to get the fan base behind you. The fans of Detroit are going to love this answer. There’s no doubt when he’s up on the podium shaking Adam Silver’s hand, the Piston fans are going to be cheering for him. When it comes to winning basketball games, probably a different story.

Cunningham is regarded as the guy in the 2021 NBA Draft. The basketball experts at Vendetta feel confident about his chances to succeed at the NBA level. Karl Heiser threw the comp of Ben Simmons with shooting but not elite defense. A comp that should get Piston fans excited.