Isaiah Thomas
Isaiah Thomas tried to be funny on Jimmy Kimmel Live but I’m not sure he was much room to talk? (Sergio Estrada/USA Today Sports)

I’m not sure why people are still talking about Isaiah Thomas because he stinks but he made quite the appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live. Isiah Thomas and the current day Isaiah Thomas battle in Generation Gap on Kimmel’s show. The elder Thomas fared pretty well in the game. The current day Thomas showed just how much of a dumb brain that he has. He did make a funny, however, burning his old team, the Cleveland Cavaliers.

Thomas claimed that he was going to get swept in the game (like the Cavs in the Finals) that he got murdered in by the elder Thomas. It was funny but I’m not sure Thomas has any room to laugh at the moment. He proved that he has zero self-awareness when he asked for the brinks trunk from the Celtics and claimed that he was a max guy despite being just another product of the Brad Stevens system. For the life of me, I’ll never understand how he fooled people into thinking he was good.

All Thomas had to do was shut his mouth and he probably would have gotten paid a fair deal by the Celtics. Instead, he was traded in a package for Kyrie Irving that has me smiling from ear to ear even a year later. The Celtics are going to win the NBA Championship next year and it was a good riddance to Isaiah Thomas.

The Boston Celtics Are Winning The 2019 NBA Championship

He might be right though. The Cavs gave it their best punch in Game one of the Finals and still got smoked. Thomas clearly doesn’t like LeBron James and that isn’t a secret. He finished the season with the Lakers but may be bound for another team this offseason.