Kyler Murray
Kyler Murray isn’t going to play football anymore right? (Sue Ogrocki/AP)

So we might have seen the last of Kyler Murray at Oklahoma. The Sooners were anticipating Murray to take over for the departed Baker Mayfield who is on his way to the NFL. However, the Athletics made a shocking pick in the 2018 MLB Draft when they took Murray in the top 10. Murray was projected to go in the second round but now is scheduled to make a whole lot of money (in the millions) if he signs a deal with the Oakland A’s.

The 9th pick is worth a slotted $4.8 million right off the bat. Murray is also not considered an NFL prospect so it really doesn’t make a ton of sense not to go and play baseball right away. We have seen this before and with so much guaranteed money up front, skipping college football altogether to not get your face beat in makes sense. Murray isn’t considered much of a football prospect and really makes a living as a dual-threat collegiate quarterback. Murray is a former 5-star recruit and transferred from Texas A&M. I’m sure Lincoln Riley, the Oklahoma football coach, is a little nervous right now. Losing Baker Mayfield is one thing. Losing a guy who can replicate his production leaving a huge question mark at the position is another. Maybe Murray plays football but it can’t be a sure thing anymore.

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I think it’s probably safe to assume the A’s made this pick because they want him to play baseball right away. Murray would be able to play football for one season if he does sign with the A’s. Maybe that’s something they allow but Murray was ranked the 36th best prospect in the 2018 MLB Draft. Picking him in the top 10 probably means the A’s would like him to play baseball right away.