2019-2020 NHL Season
MacKinnon and Crosby might not face off in a Stanley Cup Final after all. Photo: NBC

Is this it for the 2019-2020 NHL season?

There goes the neighborhood. Deep down I knew it was only a matter of time before the NHL had a confirmed COVID-19 case. A lot of NBA and NHL teams share stadiums and in some case even owners but I was hoping, née praying, that it would somehow bypass the one League I have any real interest in. And I’m not even religious! Alas it wasn’t to be and now my season has flopped harder than James Harden on the three point line when he sees a hand go up.

See the way this was suppose to work out was the NHL would have no confirmed cases, in mid March games would re-start behind closed doors before opening up for the playoffs in late May or early June. The Colorado Avalanche, with a full selection of players to choose from, go on a magical run and Gabe Landeskog ends up lifting the Stanley Cup while I celebrate uncontrollably.

I know it’s unrealistic (not the Avalanche winning it bit, that’s going to happen) but a guy can dream. Then on Tuesday night the news broke that an Ottawa Senator player tested positive and suddenly the NHL was heading the same way as the ECHL which cancelled the remainder of it’s season on Saturday.

The Senators, who have yet to name the player involved, last game was on March 11th at the Staples Center in a 3-2 loss to the LA Kings. The Brooklyn Nets, who have four players that tested positive for COVID-19 so far, beat the Los Angeles Lakers the night before in the same building. While dressing rooms are different in the Staples Center for visiting Hockey and Basketball teams the consensus is that is how the Senators player was infected, whether it be inside the stadium or by using the same transportation.

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While the league has only been gone a week it has seemed like a lifetime and with a projected return date of March 27th looking more and more unlikely you have to start wondering ‘Is this it for the 2019-20 NHL season?’