Cold War
Photo Credit: Activision Games

Integrating Black Ops Cold War Into Warzone Was A Mistake

Call of Duty Warzone was the latest battle royal game mode to take over the gaming world. During the COVID-19 lockdown, it became super popular, and as people looked for a new game after Fortnite became old, Warzone was the perfect alternative. Call of Duty: Warzone was released in March of 2020 and quickly became everyone’s favorite game until December 2020, when Black Ops Cold War was integrated into Warzone.

At first, I was excited about the integration. We were going to get new guns, new operators, and just a different way to play the game. Warzone was getting pretty stale, and this was exactly what the game needed. What I did not expect is for Activision to add the most overpowered weapons and essentially faze out all of the guns from Modern Warfare. If you played Warzone immediately after the Cold War Integration, you have nightmares about the DMR, FFAR, Mac-10, and the Aug.

The DMR instantly became the most broken gun in the game. With the right attachments, you could two-shot someone who had on full plates across the map. The gun was ridiculous and became more and more frustrating every time you got killed by it. As for the FFAR, it was technically an assault rifle, but it could do whatever you wanted it to do. Most of the pros started running the FFAR as a secondary and paired it with another assault rifle or sniper. This was the start of the double-AR meta. People were running around with an AMAX, Kilo, or DMR paired with an FFAR and shredding the entire lobby.

There were two issues about the Cold War guns being added to Warzone. First, they were overpowered, meaning if you were not using these specific guns, you might as well just stop playing the game. Second, you could only upgrade the weapons by playing Cold War multiplayer. While you could upgrade them by playing Warzone, it would take you ten times longer. By only being able to significantly upgrade the guns in Cold War, people were forced to buy the game just for the guns.

Eventually, all the Cold War guns like the DMR and FFAR got nerfed into the ground, but every season since the integration, they do not introduce new Modern Warfare guns. Raven Software also nerfed a lot of the Modern Warfare guns like the AMAX, Kilo, Bruen, and MP5 to get people to use the Cold War guns. For example, in season four, they introduced the C58 and MG34. In recent seasons, to unlock the Cold War guns, you had to but the battle pass, but in this season, you were given both guns for free. And if you played Warzone season four right when it was released, you know how broken the MG34 was.

Activision and Raven Software made a huge mistake trying to integrate Cold War into Warzone. Before the integration, Warzone was pretty balanced, and you could use whatever guns you wanted. After Cold War was introduced, the game has just not felt the same.

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