Golden State Warriors
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What Should The Golden State Warriors Do To Contend In 2021?

The Golden State Warriors came agonizingly short of a deep playoff run in 2020-21, falling to the Memphis Grizzlies in the play-in tournament. What hurt the Warriors was simply a lack of depth after Steph Curry. No matter how brilliantly Curry played throughout the season, the lack of support was always apparent. Obviously, the Warriors can expect to have Klay Thompson back this year, which should be a HUGE help for Steph. But the Warriors also have James Wiseman, along with two 1st-round picks this year. Let’s look at some options the Dubs have of adding to their roster.

The Golden State Warriors Can Acquire Kawhi Leonard

I know this seems like the most obvious way, but this the most direct path the Warriors can take to contention. Kawhi Leonard is now a free agent, and it’s been widely noted that Kawhi Leonard may not play for the Clips next year, so what better way for the Warriors to get support for Steph Curry? The Warriors need a scorer that can threaten defenses other than Steph Curry, and we all know the damage Kawhi can do. Leonard is also an elite defender, something the Warriors struggled with all of 2020. If the Warriors can find a way to lure Kawhi Leonard, then they become an immediate championship contender.

The Golden State Warriors Can Sign Some Free Agents And Let Some Players Walk

This is the route the Warriors will likely take. Currently, Kelly Oubre Jr. has a $14.4 million cap hit, which the Warriors are unlikely to pick up. The free agent market does have some attractive names, however. These names include Trevor Ariza, Rudy Gay, and Andre Iguodala. Ideally, the Warriors should go after Iguodala because his calm presence and leadership can really help a young team like the Warriors. This route also allows the Warriors to utilize their first-round draft picks and draft some young talented rookies who can step in and provide support right away. With this option, the Warriors can add to their team while letting some of their pricier players leave, positioning the roster to contend in 2021.

The Golden State Warriors Can Trade For Another Star

This is the most unlikely scenario, but given the NBA’s recent trend for building super teams, you never know. The Dubs would likely package two first-round picks, along with one or more of Oubre Jr. and Wiggins to get an established scorer such as Bradley Beal or CJ McCollum. While this option gives the Warriors a solid scorer, it also expends assets for a trade that might not even work out. But hey, this is the NBA. If anything, the Dubs have experience with constructing a super team (remember Kevin Durant in 2017?), so this option can’t be ruled out.

No matter what route they take, the Warriors need to improve their roster. Steph Curry is in his prime, Klay Thompson will be back, and the Warriors have some interesting assets. But the fact of the matter is that the Warriors need to win now. Otherwise, they will have wasted the talents of two of the best shooters in NBA history.

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