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Treylon Burks

(Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports)

I’m Out On Treylon Burks Being A High-End Fantasy Asset

Treylon Burks
I’m out on Treylon Burks being a high-end fantasy football asset. You can have all my stock. I do not want it. (Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports)

I’m Out On Treylon Burks Being A High-End Fantasy Asset

You can have all of my Treylon Burks fantasy football stock. I don’t want it. I’m all good on it. Let Burks be someone else’s problem when your fantasy draft rolls around this year. Short term, long term, medium term; I don’t really care. All I know is right now, You’re whacked out if you’re taking Burks ahead of some of these other high-end rookie wide receivers.

I saw this tweet the other day and I just couldn’t believe it was real:

Calm down, Trey. Don’t be upset people aren’t as smart as you. We are more than our thoughts. Go take a hit and reflect on why you should be grateful you’re not this stupid. Remember, there is freedom in being stupid. You don’t want that path. Stay outside a little longer today. You need it.

Okay, I’m back now. Sorry, just had to blow off some steam. I can be civil, right?

Ha, who are we kidding? I mean this is just insane and not understanding the scouting report. This is the truth about Treylon Burks. He might make it. He might not. The Chinese farmer always says maybe. This stuff is hard. The Burks evaluation is not an easy one. However, it’s exactly why the odds of him being a must-own right out of the gates as a rookie is shall we call slim.

Anybody that actually did their homework on the Titans new first round receivers knows these basic truths.

A: He’s not close to AJ Brown. Never has. Never will be. I had Brown as a first round talent. Burks more so in the third round.

B: He can’t run routes. Will that change? It sure could. Right now? Good luck. Anybody that thinks Burks will just step right into the AJ Brown role is very, very foolish. Robert Woods is also going to be the go-to target in season number one.

C: Consider the source of this information. Anybody that has Drake London ranked this high tells you all you need to know. This is what you should know about Drake London. He sucks. That’s it.

D: This is still not the offense I really want my pass catchers coming from. The offense runs through Derrick Henry when virtually the rest of the league is pass happy. Ryan Tannehill is the quarterback and is coming off a 21 touchdown season. Not many of those going around… if Tannehill somehow gets benched. The alternative is Malik Willis and he needs major work in the passing department right now.

E: If Burks makes it, it won’t be right now. For the record, I absolutely think he can. Just not good enough of a route runner yet to splash right away as a rookie. His price tag is just too high right now. Right now he’s being lumped in with the other rookie receivers for the sole fact that nobody has taken an NFL snap yet. George Pickens, Garrett Wilson, Jameson Williams, and Chris Olave are all much better players. Christian Watson and Skky Moore are in much better situations. If you’re a Burks believer, hold off until the stock drops. Then buy low.

Come back to me by this time midseason. Bookmark this post. I don’t care what you do. When I’m spot on here don’t come crying to me. I don’t want to hear it. Just apologize in advance and say you will listen next time.


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