Tony Romo
John Filo/CBS

Tony Romo is changing the dynamic of broadcasters in the NFL. Before Tony Romo, NFL broadcasters showed very little analysis of the game and were just hype men for the game. I still, to this day, cannot listen to Cris Collinsworth on Sunday Night Football. I don’t mind Al Michaels, but Collinsworth ruins it for me. However, the standard for broadcasters is changing because of Tony Romo.

Tony Romo’s first game as a broadcaster was actually the Raiders and the Titans in the first game of the 2017 NFL season. Being a hardcore Raiders fan, I obviously watched the game. I immediately fell in love with Tony Romo as a broadcaster. I like to think I know quite a bit about the game of football, as a lot of my team predictions for the NFL are on the money. But there’s still a bit I don’t know about. Tony Romo was literally teaching in the booth. He was talking formations, gameplans, predictions on the next plays, the whole nine yards. It was entertaining and overall a great experience. I have personally felt the quality of broadcasters has diminished over the years, once again an example being Cris Collinsworth. Hell, even Romo’s old buddy Jason Witten wasn’t cut out for it.

Of course, I’m not the only one who feels this way about Tony Romo, apparently. The NFL took notice and he got the nod to do an AFC CHAMPIONSHIP GAME in his first year as a broadcaster. That is extremely impressive. The very next year, he already got to do a Super Bowl with Jim Nantz. If you ever just want to watch a game of football and not have a bonehead speak to you the whole time, just look up Tony Romo’s broadcasting schedule. Romo didn’t have much success at QB despite being a good one, but he is already going to be a Hall of Fame Broadcaster at this rate. If I could, I would have Tony Romo do every game, thank God he’s raising the standard for broadcasters, we need it.