DeMar DeRozan LaMarcus Aldridge
DeMar DeRozan and LaMarcus Aldridge are killing the Spurs (Edward A. Ornelas/Getty Images)

The San Antonio Spurs have made the playoffs 22 years in a row. That streak is in serious jeopardy. The Spurs currently sit at 5-9 and appear to be headed to miss the playoffs in the tough Western Conference. Who is to blame for the Spurs mess? That would be their “two best players” DeMar DeRozan and LaMarcus Aldridge. San Antonio has been dreadful when either of them steps on the floor.

As of today (obviously, these numbers could change) there is not a single combination where DeRozan and Aldridge impacts the team positive. Not a single combo. It doesn’t matter. You can use DeRozan and whoever or Aldridge and whoever as a duo. All of the duos with either of them has a negative net rating. That’s almost impossible to do but it captures how bad each of them has been.

DeMar DeRozan has been a notorious cancer. He’s never played a lick of defense in his life and has less of a spine than slugs do. He’s also a ball stopping, mid range jump shooter. You can’t win with the guy. Gregg Popovich can’t even win with him. It’s not a secret. The second Toronto got rid of him they won a title. You would have had to pay me just to take DeRozan. Instead, the Spurs took him as the Kawhi replacement. Hell of a con job that was.

Then let’s move to LaMarcus Aldridge. I’ve never had an issue with him. He’s just washed now. Father time is undefeated and he took a straight uppercut to Aldrige. He can’t play anymore. It also doesn’t help that he clogs the paint and takes too many mid range shots.

Some of this is on Gregg Popovich and the front office. Pop has turned into Mr. Get off my lawn guy who is too stubborn to change with the times. When you go anti 3 ball and build a team like this, you’re asking to lose. Pop lost his fastball. I feel no sympathy for the Spurs. This roster sucks and makes no sense. They deserve to lose.