Danny Santana
Danny Santana absolutely sucks. Why the hell do the Red Sox insist on keeping this bum on the roster? (AP Photo/Charles Krupa)AP

Danny Santana Sucks, Why Do The Red Sox Insist On Keeping Him?

Danny Santana might be the worst baseball player I’ve ever seen. For some reason, the Red Sox seem insistent on keeping him. The Sox are in first place but have a number of players on the roster with negative WAR numbers. Santana is one of them. As the deadline inches closer, there is no reason to keep this failed experiment on the roster any longer.

Santana, 30, is hitting .167 in 96 at-bats. It pretty much doesn’t get worse. Santana has an OPS+ of 40. That’s a real number. Look, the guy that first came up with the Twins was pretty good as a rookie. Since that time, he’s been a full blown disaster. It’s why he’s bounced around the league.

The Sox utility man is currently on the IL. It’s the perfect time to just cut bait and move forward. Remember, Santana being placed on the IL cleared the roster spot for Jarren Duran. Alex Cora made it clear Santana will rejoin the Sox in the next few days.

“(The) goal is for him to finish the day there (Worcester), get his at bats and if everything goes well, he should be with us tomorrow in Buffalo,” Cora said on a pregame video conference prior to the Red Sox-Yankees game Sunday night.

Stupid. So dumb. What is the plan here? Continue to trot out a guy hitting in the .160s? For what reason? This is a first place team. Just because the guy can play multiple positions isn’t a reason to keep him on the roster. Speaking of the roster… there is no room on the roster for this dude. Sure, you can send Michael Chavis down. Then what?

Once the Sox trade for a real first baseman, they’re going to have to DFA Santana anyway. Pull the plug now. This dude sucks. I can’t stand watching him. Forget about getting base hits. He can’t hit the ball out of the infield. It’s a joke. Get Danny Santana off this roster now.

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