Jerry Jones Ezekiel Elliott
Did Jerry Jones kiss Ezekiel Elliott goodbye? If nothing else, he’s playing a VERY dangerous game (Michael Ainsworth / Associated Press)

Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones is playing a dangerous game with Ezekiel Elliott. I don’t think there’s any doubt that Elliott is probably the Cowboys most talented offensive player. Maybe player in general. While Zeke is holding out for a new contract, Jones is only pouring gasoline on the fire. Jones isn’t trying to fix the problem. He’s somehow doing the unthinkable.

After the Cowboys Week Two Preseason Game, Jones spoke to the media to discuss Tony Pollard’s game. You know, the backup in Dallas. Jones made an epic mistake.

Oh, no, Jerry! What have you done! Well, Elliott and his agent are not happy about it:

Okay, so that’s the story. Now let’s try to make some sense of it all. A: Can we shut up about Tony Pollard? I’m not even trying to be sarcastic here. Pollard was the 3rd best running back on Memphis last year. I’m being serious. It was Darrell Henderson, Patrick Taylor, and then Tony Pollard. That’s the pecking order. Pollard was a third down receiving back, punt returner, and kick returner in college. Can we shut up about Tony Pollard? Can we just not even compare them for a half a second?

B: This is disrespectful. I don’t care if Jerry was trying to joke or not. What would Bill Belichick do? It sure as hell wouldn’t have been that. This wasn’t smart by Jerry. He should be sweating bullets. If Ezekiel Elliott isn’t in the lineup, this team isn’t making the playoffs. That’s just a fact.

C: This doesn’t help negotiation tactics. Now Ezekiel Elliott is pissed. I’m not saying he will do this but if it were me, I’d sit out regardless of the offer. He was a first round pick. He has money. Sit out for 8 games. Let’s see how those chumps do without him? If they really don’t need him, go prove it. The prior evidence suggests that this team stinks without Zeke. But sure, if the people need a reminder I’ll sit.

D: Does Zeke request a trade? It might be a consideration. Dallas has a great offensive line. He should also know the second Dak gets paid, the roster of the roster starts to peel off. It might be the perfect time to bail.