Chicago Tribune
I (Trey Daubert) demand an apology from @Chicagosports (Matt Rouke/AP)

Today, the Chicago Tribune released an article that gave great depth how Bears GM, Ryan Pace became enamored with Mitch Trubisky in an effort to find his Drew Brees. Pace was a scout with the Saints and wanted his version of Drew Brees in Chicago. Pace became so obsessed with Trubisky that he traded up one spot to take him and refused to tell John Fox of his plans until draft day. It was one big con job.

I encourage you to read the post. It’s really well done. However, I couldn’t help but be offended. It listed a section in the article that provided expert opinions on the 2017 NFL Draft. It gave names like Mike Mayock, Daniel Jeremiah, Mel Kiper, Todd McShay, and others. All of them had Trubisky at the top of their list or near the top. I noticed that my post or posts were not included among that discussion. I demand an apology immediately.

All you have to do is type in “Mitch Trubisky bust” it comes up on the first page of Google. Don’t try to pretend like nobody on staff hasn’t seen it. It is impossible to miss. Again, it would be one thing if they didn’t see it. I know that’s just not true. It’s on the first page of Google. They don’t lie.

Time and time again I tried to hammer the point home that Mitch Trubisky really had no chance to succeed. I’ve been critical of other quarterbacks in the past. This one was outrageous. Trubisky had no business going in the 4th round let alone the 2nd pick in the draft. If you couldn’t tell that guy stinks then you have serious mental problems. This was too easy.

I get why they did that. The Chicago Tribune wants to make it look like it wasn’t that easy in hindsight. Oh, it was that easy. Deshaun Watson was the best quarterback in the draft. I was too low on Patrick Mahomes but you can’t them all. I just want proper respect. I demand an edit version where the one smart guy on the planet knew Trubisky was going to be a trainwreck. That’s all I ask for.