Hundred Years of NFL
Hundred Years of NFL. A hundred years ago the NFL was formed to become an American past time.

Hundred Years of NFL

Today marks the day of a hundred years of the National Football League (NFL). In 1920 on August 20, the American Professional Football Association (APFA) was formed. It started with only 14 teams and a lost season trophy to get where we are today. From Jay Berwanger to Tom Brady, America has watched it all and fallen in love.

To commemorate this special day, some of the contributors at Vendetta Sports Media have shared their favorite moments in NFL history down below.

If you’re interested in the evolution of the NFL over its hundred years, here is a video to show you the crazy change that has happened over time.

The hundred year evolution of the NFL.

Gavin Daly

Favorite (American) footballing moment was when Packers beat the Steelers in SuperBowl. Can’t remember the year. I was working and was asked if I’d be watching the game by a customer (decked out in Steelers gear). I said no I had to work but it was ok as I wasn’t a big American Football fan. Well apparently, that wasn’t the correct answer as I got told to Fuck off back to wherever I came from. I honestly thought he was messing until he snatched up his bag of stuff and stormed out of the store. I laugh about it now but on the day I was very happy the Packers won.

Jacob Richison

My favorite moment was when the Steelers beat the Arizona Cardinals in the 2009 Super Bowl. Until then I really hadn’t shown much of a love for football. As we were picking teams before the game everyone was for the Cardinals so I had to go with the Steelers. The whole game the Steelers were leading the Arizona Cardinals and I was giving them all heat for it the whole game. The Cardinals ended up taking the lead late in the fourth period. I remember being so nervous like I was out on the field when the Steelers scored the go-ahead controversial touchdown late in the fourth to seal the deal I was relieved. To this day I have been a Steelers fan ever since.

Alex Chick

I became a Raiders fan when my dad told me as a kid that I could either be a Raiders fan or live somewhere else. As a Raiders fan, I don’t have many moments I would deem as my favorite. When we won 12 games in 2016, that would have to be my favorite.

Jackson Law

I became a Dolphins fan not necessarily because my dad was a fan, but because whenever the games came on, I got to spend time with him. His work caused him to travel a lot, so I took advantage of any time where it would just be the two of us. He fell in love with the Dolphins because of Dan Marino, and would always talk to me about the time my mom got him tickets to see Dan play in St. Louis around Christmas. He doesn’t follow the Dolphins as closely as he used to, but we still have fun conversations and I’ll inform him about how they are doing. The one moment that comes to mind is I was either 4 or 5 and my Dad found me a little beat up tv so I could play my PS2 and watch football. He stayed up with me on a school night to watch the Dolphins play the Bills on Monday Night Football. I remember the two of us just sitting on my bed trying to watch the game through the blizzard that was going on. The Dolphins ended up losing the game, but for some reason, that memory has always stuck with me.

Jordan Dangle

I became a Dolphins fan back in 2007. They hear they went 1-15. I had lived in South Florida and just started getting into football. The first game I watched we had only lost by a couple of points. The week later we had beaten the Baltimore Ravens in overtime on a Greg Camarillo Touchdown I’ll always remember that. For my favorite moment, I could be cliché like many dolphins fans and pick the Miami Miracle but I’d have to say my favorite moment is a tossup between Cam Wake walk-off safety against on Thursday night football against the Bengals on Halloween in 2013 or Xavien Howard picking off Tom Brady twice on Monday Night Football.

Trey Daubert

I started watching football at the age of 3. My dad used to just plop me on the couch next to him every Sunday and just sort of fell in love.

 My favorite moment was watching Chris Johnson rush for 2,000 yards. At that time, I was starting to watch more and more college football. I saw Johnson play one game at East Carolina and knew he would be the best running back in the draft. I picked him on all of my fantasy teams. He was and still is my favorite NFL player ever.

 I started to root for the Ravens because my cousin has season tickets and low-key purple is my favorite color. I love the defense-first mentality and the way Ozzie Newsome was able to scout. Ray Lewis, Ed Reed, Peter Bouleware, Terrell Suggs, Chris McAlister. They became a very easy team to root for.

Andrew Zucker

Growing up, my dad was a huge Cowboys fan even though he’s from Queens. Why? Because he grew up when they were America’s team. He never tried to make me a Cowboys fan, thankfully, I’ve already got enough pain from my other teams. But I couldn’t be a Giants fan. Not that I ever wanted to root for them. I’m a proud Jets fan. Grew up with Chad Pennington. The boy wonder. When he was healthy, and man was he good. But injuries are a killer. And since he was forced out, I’ve watched the franchise suffer through QB’s who make us believe only to rip our heart out. And I’m going to stick with them to the day I die because no matter how much it pains me; I love the Jets. Go Gang Green.

Chad Bauman

Eagles are my favorite team because I’m from South Jersey 30 minutes away from Philly. And they were the first game I went to. Favorite moment is when Brandon graham strip-sacked Tom Brady in the super bowl because once that happened, I knew we were going to win the game