Fantasy Football
You suck at fantasy football so here’s how you avoid another losing season in the future.

The fantasy football regular season is in the books. Most of you are losers and have watched your teams fold in a losing effort. Then there’s me who is the number one seed in both fantasy leagues I’m in. Stop being a loser and be more like Trey Daubert.

Are you tired of losing your fantasy football league or not even making the playoffs? The path towards a 2021 championship starts NOW. Here is your secret Krabby Patty formula for rebounding from a losing fantasy football season.


If you’re in a keeper or dynasty league, you must first learn how to lose before you learn how to win. It sounds so simple but nobody does it right. Stop trying to convince yourself your average team can get hot and win the championship. It doesn’t happen.

If you didn’t make the playoffs this year, it wasn’t by accident. Your fantasy team isn’t good. Stop lying to yourself. Tear that bitch down to the studs. Do you have Davante Adams on a borderline playoff team? Trade him for young assets and draft picks. Do you have Patrick Mahomes and your team stinks? Good… trade his ass and get future assets.

If you’re not winning in fantasy for a keeper league, part of the problem is you don’t know how to lose. Waving the white flag is the smartest thing you can do sometimes. Would you rather roll out a winner three years from now or an average team each one of those years? Then stop doing what you’re doing cause it’s not working.

Target Year Two Running Backs

Your fantasy season mostly hangs in the balance on which running backs you own. That’s just a fact. Selling high on the elite backs and buying low on the young up and comers is really the key to success. I’ll give you an example.

I have Ezekiel Elliott in our site league but I bailed on him this year in my more important league. I drafted Elliott after his freshman year at Ohio State. The Cowboys running back was on my team for four years and gave me great production.

I bailed this year for a number of reasons. Most notably Mike McCarthy who rarely produces top tier fantasy backs. McCarthy doesn’t know what he’s doing. Dallas also has an aging offensive line and Elliott had been beaten into the ground for four straight years.

Le’Veon Bell was on my team from 2015-2017. Pittsburgh ran him into the ground and I bailed in 2018. You know the story on Bell now. The guy sucks. Bail on running backs a year early rather than a year late.

Some running backs are hits as rookies. Others are not and that’s okay. Look at someone like James Conner, Aaron Jones, or Christian McCaffrey. All are from the same draft class. All were total duds as rookies and popped in year two. Buy low sell high.

We have a great group of guys from the 2020 NFL Draft. If you can get your hands on someone like D’Andre Swift, Cam Akers, or JK Dobbins… DO IT. Their stock has come down after not dominating as rookie but their time is coming. When I say that, I mean historically it means they will be top 10 backs fantasy wise.

Follow The Youth Movement

There is an influx of young players at the wide receiver position. That means two things:

A: The supply is now greater than the demand

B: Take more risks on younger players

For years wide receivers not named Julio Jones and AJ Green needed a three-year window. They were almost worthless for a long time. Donald Driver never got his first 1,000-yard season until year four. Ditto for Jordy Nelson. Greg Jennings did so in his third season. The point is it used to take really good wide receivers time to become fantasy relevant. That’s even in competent offenses

Now we got guys like Justin Jefferson and Chase Claypool taking the league by storm year one. Jerry Jeudy and CeeDee Lamb would but they’re dealing with disastrous QB situations. The year prior, DK Metcalf, AJ Brown, and Deebo Samuel all worked pretty quick.

These guys coming into the league can play right away. There’s also a corresponding variable. The demand is now greater than it’s ever been.

You don’t have to overpay for someone like Julio Jones, Odell Beckham, or Amari Cooper. You can have Diontae Johnson for a few bucks and get the same fantasy production. The more young wide receivers that enter the league, the more surplus that will get created.

Listen to Trey

This last point may be the most important point of all. We have some real dopes in the fantasy football community. We even have a fantasy show. If you listened to me, you probably did very well this year. That might be the best secret of all. I’m the 1 seed in both leagues. Where are you today? I don’t know much in life but I know this stuff.