Tom Brady
Charles Krupa/Associated Press

I’ve never been shy about my hate for Tom Brady. It lessened a little since he left New England, but I still can’t stand the guy. However, I think he is a much better fantasy option this year than last year with the Patriots. I mean he still is 42-years-old, his arm strength has significantly diminished, and his offensive line is not nearly as good as it was in New England. How can I be confident about him?

Receiving Core

This is obviously the most important reason for his success. If you can give me Tom Brady’s consistent WR2 option or some TEs, I’d give you a dollar but I’m broke so just understand the principle of what I am saying. This is a lot of the reason why people are so high on the Buccaneers this year. I don’t think they’ll be that good, but Tom Brady should have an awesome year just because of the talent around him. Tom Brady has easily 4 receiving options to throw to off the bat. All can be considered elite receiving options too. Tom Brady has Mike Evans, Chris Godwin, Rob Gronkowski, and OJ Howard to throw to. You would literally have to be the worst QB ever to not have a decent fantasy year with those options. Jameis Winston had 30 INTs last year but was still a top 5 fantasy QB last year. Even if Tom Brady doesn’t have the arm he used to, Evans and Godwin are fast enough to break away off short passes, and Gronk and OJ can be your TD option.


Things possibly can’t go wrong right? Well. I do have some concerns about Tom Brady in fantasy. As mentioned, the offensive line is not as good as it is in New England. Tom Brady is going to experience more knockdowns and on a 42-year-old, they are going to take its toll. Also, even though they drafted a RB, how reliable is this run game in Tampa Bay? I’m not too thrilled about it to say Brady is safe. Factor in the OL again, if the RBs can’t get much going, Tom Brady is going to have a hard time getting time to throw the ball. If the run game isn’t there, that means Tom Brady is going have to throw more. He’s 42 and his arm is a noodle, if this is happening every game, his arm will give out halfway through the season.

Final Assessment

Tom Brady has a chance to be a sneaky good pick if you can get him in the later rounds. I would not put him higher than a QB2 on your team. I think his ceiling is a top 10 QB fantasy option and his ceiling is top 20 QB for fantasy. There are plenty of other QBs to consider ahead of him. However, if you have a great QB and you need a solid QB2 or a backup QB, Brady is your guy. I wouldn’t want my fantasy team to rely on him until I’ve seen a couple of weeks of solid consistent production.