Bryce Harper
Bryce Harper said he was ‘hurt’ by the Nationals contract offer and his reasoning is completely idiotic. Good luck Philadelphia. (Logan Riely/Getty Images)

The Washington Nationals won the World Series without Bryce Harper. Nevertheless, Harper had the nerve to speak out about the contract offer that the Nationals sent him during his free agency. The Nationals offered Harper $300 million over 10 years with deferrals. Harper eventually signed a 13 year contract for $300 million… Yeah, not a joke. He actually said that.

“I thought we had a really good meeting,” Harper said of a discussion he had with Nationals principal owner Mark Lerner, per Barstool Sports’ Starting 9 podcast (via Scott Gleeson of USA Today). “I walked out of there and said, ‘Scott [Boras], get it done.’ I got back an offer and it hurt. It just hurt. So we kind of just turned the page on to the new year.”

This is idiotic for two reasons. For starters, I can make an argument the Nats offer is better. In fact, I’d rather have the Nats offer. The offer from the Nationals has a higher average annual salary. Yes, there are reports that $100 million of it would have been deferred. AND… the problem with that is? Harper would have earned interest on that money.

Yeah, the life Bobby Bonilla has is terrible. Bonilla is getting paid until 2035 and hasn’t played since 2001. Deferrals are great. I’d rather have the money come in over a longer period of time and let it collect interest. Yes, the value of the $100 million is less valuable 10 years from now because of inflation. Who cares? Harper took more years and less average annual money because he doesn’t think he can play 9 years from now.

Second, what makes Bryce Harper think a $300 million offer is a slap in the face? I wouldn’t have given him a $40 million offer. He’s not that good. The Nationals won a World Series without him. They didn’t miss him. The Phillies didn’t get any better by adding Harper. They won 1 more game than the previous year. The idea that Harper is even a top 20 player in the sport is laughable.