Hockey Guy Trey
Hockey Guy Trey goes for fantasy glory has an up and down day to maintain a small lead with three days to go in the first round of the fantasy hockey playoffs.

Hockey Guy Trey Goes For Fantasy Glory: 2021 Round 1, Day 4

Bobbing and weaving. Bobbing and weaving.

If there’s anything Trey has excelled at in life, it’s dodging haymakers. Look, my team kinda sucks. That’s what happens when your first and third round picks give you nothing. But that’s what makes my team so special. We’re hungry dogs ready to fight to the death.

We’re still in a dog fight. Tristan Jarry rebounded with a big night. Despite points from Jake Guentzel, Kyle Connor, and Keith Yandle, the Icing Daubert’s still have a lead. We’re surviving haymakers clawing and scrappy any way we can.

Vincent Trocheck is the underrated MVP of the night. Didn’t have a goal or assist to show for his efforts but is a shot blocking MENACE. To end up getting a clutch 2.4 without anything on the box score to show for it was enormous.

Jason Robertson and Charlie McAvoy got assists to keep me in the hunt.

That’s not the story tonight.

Sebastian Aho is reaching levels that aren’t appropriate to type. If I ever have a kid (unlikely) putting the name AHO in there is very much on the table.

Two goals tonight for AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. Just being able to say his number is the number one thing I look forward to every night. (Not a joke)(Kinda sad).

With a small lead, we broke out the lucky pickles for the Canucks game. Points from Bo Horvat and or Quinn Hughes would go a long way towards clinching victory. Nope. The pickles were cursed. Canucks get shut out by the pathetic Senators. Horvat and Hughes with a big fat nothing.

Five point lead with three days to go. This one isn’t close to over.

Side Note: Don’t forget to watch the new episode of cheese this week. Gavin joins the show to talk hockey.

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