Matthew Stafford
If healthy, Matthew Stafford is an elite fantasy quarterback. Stafford is constantly disrespected but provides serious value for fantasy owners. (Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports)

If Healthy, Matthew Stafford Is An Elite Fantasy QB

If there is one quarterback in the league that’s the most disrespected in terms of fantasy, it’s Matthew Stafford. Because the Lions are a trash organization, nobody really wants anything to do with Stafford when drafting their fantasy team. In fairness, health is a factor too. After missing half the season in 2019, people seem hesitant to draft Stafford in 2020. What if they shouldn’t be?

IF healthy, Matthew Stafford is an ELITE fantasy QB. There is no debate needed. In reality, we might be overblowing the health concerns. Prior to the 2019 season, the Lions signal caller played in eight straight 16 game seasons. If anything, the odds are that Stafford is more than good to go for 2020.

Stafford’s stock is also lower than it otherwise should be. Can we just think about this for a second. The Lions finished 10th in the league in passing yards. Stafford played in 8 games. Jeff Driskel started 3 games and David Blough started 5 games. Blough averaged fewer than 200 yards per game. Imagine the yardage they put up with Stafford on a full 16 game pace?

Speaking of the 16 game pace, Stafford would have thrown for 5,000 yards and a TD-INT ratio of 38-10. On a points per game basis, Stafford was QB6. Want to hear something crazier? Matthew Stafford was number one in the league in air yards per attempt. Isn’t that what you want for fantasy? Someone willing to take shots down the field?

Let’s talk about circumstances. What’s changed? Kenny Golladay and Marvin Jones both return. If anything, D’Andre Swift adds a valuable pass catching option. The defense still stinks. The same coaching staff is in place. Why wouldn’t Stafford put up great numbers again?

In my personal fantasy league, the person that had Matthew Stafford gave him up in a salary dump trade. Barring injury, that’s a huge mistake and it’s not hard to see why. Stafford is an elite fantasy quarterback. 2019 only confirmed that and we should expect a strong 2020 season from the former Georgia quarterback.