Matt Stafford
Rick Osentoski/Associated Press

Matt Stafford becomes kind of forgotten in this league. Not because he’s not talented or anything, I think he’s one of the more talented QBs in this league, but because he plays for the Lions. When you remember that Stafford exists, you remember he’s still a really good QB. You should look at Matt Stafford as one of the best fantasy options at QB again. He’s still a great QB and the Lions are still bad, meaning the Lions will have to throw a ton to win games. This will be good for Stafford fantasy owners.

Matt Stafford 2019

I think people forget about Stafford because he was injured for the second half of the season last year. Up until then, he was one of the best fantasy QBs. He had 5 games out of his 8 games where he had 23 points or more. In the other 3 games, he still had over 11 points. That’s not the worst thing I’ve heard from a fantasy QB. Matt Stafford was the 4th best option if you take average fantasy points per week with 20.8 points. That is only behind Lamar Jackson, Deshaun Watson, and Dak Prescott. He was ahead of other star QBs like Russell Wilson, Patrick Mahomes, and Drew Brees in that aspect.

Look for that kind of production to continue into 2020. The Lions have a decent trio of WRs in Kenny Golladay, Marvin Jones Jr., and Danny Amendola. He’s still recovering without having Calvin Johnson, but this is the best he’s had for years now. Stafford still has Kerryon Johnson and now D’Andre Swift in the backfield. With all these weapons around him and the Lions defense still not being all that good, Matt Stafford will do all he can to keep the Lions still competitive.

Final Assessment

It’s not an overreaction to say that Matt Stafford can be a top 5 fantasy QB in the league. Seeing as how Jameis Winston had the 5th most fantasy points for QBs and now behind Drew Brees. That #5 spot is up for grabs. I won’t say that Matthew Stafford is a lock for top 5 fantasy QB. But he is a lock for a top 10 fantasy QB for sure. He should be a QB1 on your team if some of the other elite Fantasy QBs are taken.