Hansel Robles
(Carlos Osorio/Associated Press)

Hansel Robles Has Been a Horrible Pickup for the Boston Red Sox

The Boston Red Sox allowed the New York Yankees to catch them in the AL East standings, which is totally unacceptable given the lead they had earlier in the season. Obviously, there’s a few decisions that contributed to such a collapse, but Boston could have really benefited from solidifying the pitching situation at the deadline. Chris Sale’s return is definitely a plus, but adding another reliable arm should have still been a priority.

Hansel Robles Wasn’t the Right Move

Hansel Robles was not the answer. The Red Sox bullpen has been greatly improved from last year, so another reliever didn’t need to be a priority. Especially not a reliever who had a 4.91 ERA before Boston traded for him. I really don’t know what Chaim Bloom saw in this guy, but Robles has somehow gotten worse since coming to Boston. In seven appearances for the Red Sox, his WHIP is 2.5! That’s insanely high. His ERA with the Sox is 7.11, which has ballooned his season ERA to 5.19. Terrible. To make matters worse, Boston had a deal in place to land Max Scherzer before the former Nationals ace forced his way to Los Angeles.

So instead of Max Scherzer, the Red Sox ended up with Hansel Robles – who gives up hits and runs like his life depends on it. This is one of the worst moves Chaim Bloom has made in his tenure as GM, and now Boston is behind the Yankees with a playoff spot on the line. Great.


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