Gayle Benson
Gayle Benson confirmed that there’s no chance Anthony Davis is traded to the Lakers (AP Photo/Gerald Herbert)

Try to envision yourself as the owner of the Pelicans for a second. I know, it’s tough to think about. You’re probably struggling to pay for a tank of gas every week, let alone just having millions in the bank to buy an NBA Franchise for shits and giggles. But, let’s just say that you are Gayle Benson. I’ve heard many people in the media suggest thousands of ideas when it comes to Anthony Davis. There should only be one thought if you are a Pelicans fan. F*ck Anthony Davis.

The Anthony Davis story goes a little something like this. Davis pouted midway through the season and requested a trade through the media with the help of rat face, Rich Paul. The only team on his list was the Lakers. Given the fact that LeBron James gave Rich Paul his career, it was a clear tampering violation to give Davis to the Lakers before the Celtics could get into trade talks. The scare tactic didn’t work largely because the Pelicans are run by the Benson’s who are run the Saints. NFL owners would never put up with his shit let alone let him control things like this.

Davis then went on to pout, leave arenas early with rat face, throw a tantrum to the league office still wanting to play after the trade request, and lastly wearing a that’s all T-Shirt claiming his mother dressing him. Anthony Davis is nothing but a coward.

Now me being the vindictive person that I am, there’s no shot I would ever give Davis what he wants. No chance he puts on a Lakers uniform next year. It looks like Gayle Benson has a similar personality.

Jackie MacMullan of ESPN had the following:

“We have been told, I think, through channels – most of us have heard this same scuttlebutt – that Gayle Benson has basically told him, “To the Lakers, over my dead body.”

I love this move. Screw Anthony Davis. No chance he plays for the Lakers. Let’s not also forget that Lonzo Ball is always hurt and isn’t that good to begin with. Brandon Ingram has blood clots so nobody can trade for him. The 4th pick in the draft in a 3 player draft? The Lakers trade package stinks anyway.