Carole Baskin

Fuck Carole Baskin

I am outraged, people. I had this great idea for a way to continue adding views to the site and entrusted one of the fellow OGs for this huge responsibility. I went to none other than the guy with prescription shoes Chad Bauman, or you may know him as Lil Footed. The idea was simple and has been used in advertising for centuries, to exploit beautiful women for their bodies to increase revenue. A simple concept, a beautiful idea, a full proof scheme that has now offended and shocked me to my moral core.

It all started with Chad’s first Woman Crush Wednesday post. Here I am looking forward to seeing some bikini pics of the Oregon softball team, or maybe 2008 Olympian Shawn Johnson in her prime. My god all absolute smoke shows. What did we get though people? We got a post dedicated to Chad’s mom. A beautiful sentiment that none the less left my balls bluer than the sky. Fuck you Chad. Whatever though the weeks got better, and Chad has continued to put up fire WCW’s. That is until Wednesday April 9, 2020.

This week amidst all the difficulties that come with being quarantined such as gaining 15lbs, losing your job, and having to now push off buying a house which in turn means being forced to stay in the house all day with your parents as they ask why you’re still single, I had to read about how that bitch Carole Baskin is this week’s WCW. I will say it again. Fuck you Chad. “Oh, but Chach, Carole Baskin is the baddest bitch out there right now.” Chad she is a 58-year-old, overweight, certifiably insane hypocrite that murdered her husband and fed him to the tigers. Your WCW should have been the Tiger King himself, Joe Exotic! That mullet rocking, meth smoking, tiger training queen is the actual BADDEST BITCH right now! God Chad get your shit together and start cranking out more bikini posts of the Florida Gymnastics team dude or at least don’t just stab the Tiger King in the back like that. You should be tried for treason you conformist. All because you have a thing for that bitch Carole Baskin! Fuck I’m livid. FREE JOE EXOTIC and FUCK CAROLE BASKIN! DON CHACH OUT!