Skip Bayless
If Fox Sports has any integrity, they will fire Skip Bayless for his comments about mental health. It’s not a joking matter. (Peter DaSilva / ESPN Images)

Mental health is not a joke. There is no time or place for it. Especially when it comes to sports media. Unfortunately, we live in a world where people are rewarded for being an absolute buffoon in the sports media world. Carton characters Skip Brainless, and Side Show A Smith lead the charge and are compensated very well for making fools of themselves. This time, Skip Bayless took it way too far.

Yesterday, Skip somehow thought it was okay to make fun of Dak Prescott for admitting that he had depression after his brother died in the middle of a pandemic. A completely normal and rational thing to happen, Skip went on his high horse, making a fool of himself.

Don’t worry, at Fox Sports a person gets a reward for it. Trying to make a funny about mental health will end up earning a raise at Fox.

Of course, Skip went on TV today and came with the most predictable response of all-time. Instead of taking the comments back and apologizing, Skip doubled down.

Do you know what’s crazy? None of it. None of it is surprising because this is who Skip is. He’s a brain dead idiot that doesn’t understand anything other than trying to get people worked up. Fox Sports rewards him for doing so. Skip doesn’t care about the thousands of people who die from suicide every year. Skip knows one speed, and it’s how do I make myself look like an ass, so people lose their minds?

In this instance, it’s not okay. If Fox Sports has any integrity, they will fire Skip. Some things are okay to joke about, while other topics have no place being part of a joke. Trying to insinuate someone is weak for opening up about mental health is a take we cannot stand for. There’s no place for it in Sports media.

Fox Sports needs to be held accountable. They cannot allow this kind of behavior on air. It’s as damaging to their brand as it is to Skip’s. It’s time that we take a stand against ignorant and disgusting comments that don’t belong on the air.

Side note: Bravo to Scott Van Pelt.