Skip Bayless (Image via Getty/Christopher Capozziello)

Earlier today on Undisputed with Skip Bayless and Shannon Sharpe, Skip was in his usual form. Forget about all of Skip’s cold takes and constantly contradicting himself; Johnny Manziel will be more prominent in Cleveland than LeBron James, Tim Tebow is a bigger draw than Kobe Bryant, or that RG3 will be better than Aaron Rodgers. What he said today might top it all not only is it highly insensitive but flat out wrong.

The King of the Trolls, Skip Bayless

So Skip commented on Dallas Cowboys QB, Dak Prescott coming out and talking about his battles with depression after his brother passed away. Skip decided to say that Dak talking about his mental health made him weak and brings into question his leadership skills. Hey Skip, has all these years of unintelligent takes rotted your brain?

Skip questions Dak’s leadership skills because he spoke up on his battle with mental health. We all know Skip has said some just downright stupid things in the past, but this is the most ignorant rambling I’ve ever heard. Dez Bryant, among other players, was NOT happy with Skip. At this point, I don’t even know how Skip still has a job.

Does Skip just say anything at this point?

“I have no sympathy for him going public with I got depressed.” No, Skip, Dak didn’t get depressed; he was unable to go workout because of it. That’s full-on depression—the stigma of mental health sticks around because of thinking like that, Skip. Fox Sports even had to have a talk with Skip about how bad this take was. Professional athletes are still human; they still suffer from and deal with problems that a lot of other people have to go through as well. Skip not only once again proves that he is the King of The Trolls, but he also is the worst sports journalist in the world.

I applaud Dak for speaking up on his mental health issues. That’s leadership having the strength to make your most vulnerable state public. That takes guts; something Skip knows nothing about. Skip is wrong a lot more than he is right, and this cold take is one of the worst things he’s ever said.