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FIFA 23: What We Know & What We Want

What new features are coming to FIFA 23? What additional features do we want for our wish list? Read to find out. (EA Sports)

FIFA 23: What We Know & What We Want

We have been active with FIFA 22 content at Vendetta this summer. If you haven’t seen my Arsenal career mode series, check that out by clicking here to start watching episode 1! The YouTube Playlist can be seen here! Having said that, it’s almost Fall, and FIFA 23 is around the corner. What do we know and what do we want for the next iteration of the game?

EA Sports has already released a list of features for the new game. This is what we know so far.

  • The upcoming World Cup for both the men and women is on the list of upgrades. What those upgrades are is to be determined.
  • For the first time ever, you can now play as a women’s club team. The Barclays FA Women’s Super League and Division 1 Arkema will be added to the game.
  • Hypermotion2 technology and cross play features made the cut.
  • Ultimate team updates (which is a given) including a revamped chemistry system.

The first trailer released for FIFA 23 appears to be gameplay heavy. Not that that’s a bad thing. The graphics look amazing. No denying that part. It’s amazing how real and on point the faces are. These new consoles are truly unbelievable.

Let’s get to the really juicy stuff. We want career mode updates! Nothing against the Ultimate team players but also I hate you people. If 12-year-olds didn’t steal mommy’s credit card we would be getting a new Grand Theft Auto every year. The same applies for FIFA and all sports video games. You will never catch me playing Ultimate team so it will not be discussed in this blog any further.

More importantly, FIFA dropped their new features for career mode. I’ll drop them in spark notes below.

  • New Player personality: There are three different personality types in the game (Maverick, Heartbeat, Virtuoso). I’m not seeing why this matters? I’m not trying to think about personality types while I play the game. I want to score goals any possible way I can buy them. Highly skeptical on this feature.
  • Playable highlights: They developed a new system where you only play certain high leverage portions of the game. Creative but not sure why anybody would care. I want to play the whole game. There is no room for halfway crooks. If I want to play half the game, I’ll reduce the time on it. Don’t get it.
  • New Menu: Are they being serious? This counts as an upgrade?
  • Dynamic Moments: I love the cut scenes. This is great work. That added layer of realism is what pulls you into the game. We’re going to buy FIFA anyway but this is what pushes you over the hump to actually get it. The cut scenes when new players are added look awesome.
  • Transfer Analysis: Yas QUEEN! So you get to tell me how awesome I am at cheesing the system and pulling off transfers? Sign me up. Maybe that will convince the CPU to shut up about my constant approval rating that never matters but somehow randomly fluctuates for no reason.
  • CPU Tactics: This is basically saying the CPU will make better subs based on the situation of the game. Lowkey they do kinda do that already but they’re very bad at it in FIFA 22. The real question is, why haven’t they fixed this 10 years ago?
  • Authentic Managers. This gives you the ability to control a current manager. Actually a pretty cool feature. If I’m rocking with anybody, it’s Pep but I’ll likely just continue to create myself. It’s better that way anyway for YouTube series. Good attempt though.

Personally, I think we need the practice mode fixed. It’s a pain in the ass. It’s annoying as hell even simming through the week too. I’m all for doing the practice when you want to do it but make it a tutorial or optional. It shouldn’t be as in your face as it is currently.

One thing that has always been on my wishlist for FIFA career mode is possibly adding some sort of multi player career mode. If you could create a league where everyone controls a major club, that thing would do so well.

Not bad! Could be way worse. I’ll take it. Valid attempt.

Side Note: Can we bring back Martin Tyler? Nothing against Derek Rae but Tyler is the superior commentator. I could do with less Stewart Robson too.

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