Fantasy Hockey
Trey Daubert is Team Gavin for week one of Fantasy Hockey which will not go down well with a certain someone at the company. Here’s looking at you kid. Image courtesy of ESPN.

Vendetta Founder and CEO Trey Daubert is Team Gavin for week one of our Fantasy Hockey League which will not go down well with the artist formerly known as mini Trey and my opponent… Scott Logush.

I can hear the Canadian cries already “you’re lying. Trey loves me more”. Well, I’m sorry to burst your bubble Scott but The Godfather of Vendetta is rooting against you come October 12th. Maybe it’s because I gave him an honorable mention in my hottest guys post!?! Or maybe it’s because he secretly hates Canadians!?! Either way here’s the proof you won’t want to see Scott:

Trey is Team Gavin

Don’t take it personally Scott. I’m sure Trey will feed you a line like he’s more scared of your fantasy hockey team than mine and wants to hurt your chances from the off. In reality, though it’s because you took so damn long over every pick. Some of us were drafting while working and you taking a lifetime between picks did not help matters. Kids these days have no respect for their elders!

That reply took all of 30 seconds too so it wasn’t like he even had to think about it. Oh and he’s also not trading you, Alex Pietrangelo. Sorry not sorry as Demi Lovato would say.

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