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Five Sexiest Guys I Would Let Hit On Me (And You Would Too)

five sexiest guys

five sexiest guys
Cillian Murphy is one of the five sexiest guys that made the list. Who are the others? Photo courtesy: BBC

I should preempt this by saying I’m a happily married man with a wife and kid. I should also say if you are in any way homophobic you should probably leave now. Do us all a favor and leave the site while you’re at it. And don’t come back. Why? Because here are the top five sexiest guys I would let hit on me and you know you would too! I’m not saying anything would happen but dammit they can try!

John Mayer

Your Body is a Wonderland. Yes, it is John (I don’t know for sure but I’m assuming it is). The Blues/Country/Sob Rock singer has just gotten hotter and hotter with age. The only man that made me freeze as I got so starstruck that I didn’t get a photo. At that point, he had only just released ‘Room For Squares’ and was playing in a club probably smaller than his house in Dublin, Ireland, and hadn’t hit his long hair phase yet. But damn he was still hot!

Cillian Murphy

Growing up in Ireland I’d seen Cillian a few times on TV but my eye-opening experience was watching the film ‘Red Eye’. So charming and sexy at the start, then a complete psycho by the end. Doesn’t even bother me he can be my psycho any time. His work as Thomas Shelby in ‘Peaky Blinders’ just cements his sex symbol status.

Tom Hardy

I worked in a movie store in 2001 when Black Hawk Down came out and let me tell you 19-year-old Gavin was very confused. Even with the awful haircut, there was just something about SPC Lance Twombly that stood out in a star-studded cast. The double team of Hardy and Murphy in Peaky Blinders were amazing… just saying.

Tom DeLonge

No offense Tom but I specifically mean early 2000’s Tom with that fit-ass body and lip ring. I also saw Tom live but didn’t get as close as I did with John to take a picture. This might have something to do with the video for ‘What’s my Age Again?’ where he is running around naked. Maybe I have a thing for bad boys?

Gabriel Landeskog

Why is this on a sports site!?! Because of the man-rocket himself. Colorado Avalanche captain and Swedish heartthrob Gabriel Landeskog even with missing teeth is, without doubt, the sexiest man alive. It’s not even up for debate. If Nathan MacKinnon thinks you’re hot, then by god you’re hot! Plus he doesn’t mind dropping the gloves!

Noticeable Mentions

These are not quite a part of the five sexiest guys but definitely deserve a shoutout. Bill Skarsgard, Trey Daubert (cause why the fuck not… I’ll sleep my way to the top! I don’t care!), Nathan MacKinnon (he threw a helmet at someone, that’s bad boy enough for me).


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