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Ezekiel Elliott Fantasy Owners Should Be Pressing Panic Button In 2021

In the first game of regular season football in 2021, it’s a breath of fresh air to finally have football again. But with the NFL back, so comes heartbreak from the teams we root for and the teams we draft. For that, I mean fantasy. My God, if you are an Ezekiel Elliott fantasy owner, I am really feeling for you. The first game of the year can be an overreaction or it could be very telling on what’s to come. Ezekiel Elliott is looking overrated in fantasy and just in general. He was hardly used in the season opener against the Super Bowl Champions, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. If I had him in fantasy, I would be PANICKING.

In the season opener, it was Tony Pollard, not Ezekiel Elliott, that looked like the lead back. Ezekiel Elliott only had 11 attempts for 33 yards. He only had two receptions out of the backfield for another 6 yards. He literally had less than 40 yards. While Tony Pollard finished with 3 attempts for 14 yards, and 4 receptions for 29 receiving yards. He had 7 touches and had 43 yards. While Zeke had almost doubled his touches for 4 fewer yards. This could be very telling on what is to come of this season. If you’re smart, it doesn’t take much to realize that you should stay away from him in fantasy at all costs.

In both fantasy leagues that I am in, I feel bad for the Ezekiel Elliott owners. In my casual fantasy football league with my friends and family, my brother put Ezekiel Elliott on the trade block BEFORE the games. Now, my brother is dumb, but he’s not stupid, he saw this coming. In our site-wide league, Trey’s dad (nicknamed Daddy Daubert) got Ezekiel Elliott in an auction draft for a whopping $64. I bet he regrets every penny of that $64 seeing as we only have $250 for cap space to fill out a roster of 20 players.

Do you know how much Tony Pollard went for our site league? $2. Two whole dollars, and he’s already looking way more useful than a $62 more Zeke. Could everyone be overreacting to the first game of the regular season? It’s always a possibility. But really, Pollard was the more valuable back for the Cowboys’ offense, why you would move away from that, I don’t know. Do what you will with this information, but any Ezekiel Elliott fantasy owners should be pressing the panic button for sure right now.

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