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Every Active WWE Championship Belt Ranked

WWE Championship Belts Ranked

WWE Championship Belts Ranked
Credit: Max Everett

Every Active WWE Championship Belt Ranked

WWE has made some of the most iconic championship belts in history. From the winged eagle WWF belt to the classic Intercontinental belt with the white strap, WWE has had some of the best belts in history. They carry prestige and meaning, which is something that doesn’t just happen. It takes time to establish a belt, but if it doesn’t look good, the fans aren’t going to back it. But it seems like as time goes on, WWE has lost the unique belt designs they once had. A lot of titles lack creativity or care in the design, which makes it hard to build prestige. With rumors that WWE may be redesigning some belts, let’s take a look at the current best and worst belt designs.

7. WWE 24/7 Championship

This one should come as no surprise. The 24/7 Championship is one of the newest titles WWE added to their company. In 2019, WWE announced they were revealing a new title. As fans’ excitement grew with speculation about what it could be, WWE unveiled this horrific belt. Ugly doesn’t do this title justice.

The belt is simple, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing, it just looks like it was designed by a child. With no details, this title seriously lacks any creativity. I enjoy the green strap, but as far as the shape of the belt goes, I’m not the biggest fan. It’s similar to the WBC title with the circle center plate and skinny sides. Needless to say, millions of fans were let down when they pulled the cloth up and revealed this green and gold disaster.

6. WWE Tag Team Championships

WWE introduced the Smackdown and Raw tag team titles in 2016. Prior to that, there was only one set of tag team titles. Furthermore, WWE kept the same title design, just changed the colors, (a common theme in WWE.) The only thing that differentiates the Smackdown and Raw titles are the colors of the straps. So, deciding which is better between the two is just a matter of color preference. But to me, neither look good. And they didn’t look good when it was copper and black.

While the belts have some nice detail in the center plate, I’m not a fan of the spartan helmets. They just don’t make sense to me. However, I don’t hate the shape of the belts. With a circle center plate and thicker side straps, the shape is decent. One thing I don’t like is the silver plating. To me, every championship should be gold-plated. Also, I would like to see two different title designs for Smackdown and Raw. These belts have the potential to be decent but desperately need a refresh.

5. WWE/Universal Championship

The WWE championship has been around for decades. Taking on various shapes and designs, it is one of the more historic titles in all of professional wrestling. On the other hand, the Universal championship debuted in 2016 and shocked many fans. When WWE unveiled the belt, it was the exact same design as the WWE championship, only with a red strap. In general, the belts lack any ounce of creativity. It’s just a giant WWE logo on the center plate. There are basically no details anywhere in the belts. The WWE championship has gone through countless amounts of designs, but this has to be one of the worst. The Universal championship has seen two different designs, one with a blue strap and one with a red strap.

Needless to say, it’s hard to question how WWE has gone on this long with their premiere world titles looking this bad. The center plates aren’t even one piece, it’s simply a cutout of the WWE logo. With so many different design changes the belts have gone through over its historic run, it’s disappointing to see them like this.

4. WWE Raw/Smackdown Women’s Championships

In 2016, WWE finally ditched the Diva’s title and presented the Raw and Smackdown Women’s championships. Now, these titles are the exact same as the WWE and Universal championships minus two things. The women’s belts have a resin center plate and both belts have a white strap. Instead of it being just a cutout of the WWE logo, the center plate has a background. Granted it’s just red and blue for the respected titles, but it does look a tiny bit better than the men’s titles. Also, the straps on both belts are white.

It’s for those reasons that I have the women’s titles ranked slightly higher than the men’s. I’m not the biggest fan of the white straps, I think it’s a bit played out now. However, I do like the women’s belts having a background on the center plate. Even though it’s just a color, it does look better than just the cutout WWE logo. I would like to see these titles get redesigned and look more unique, instead of being a direct copy of the other.

3. WWE Women’s Tag Team Championships

WWE introduced the women’s tag team titles in 2019. It was a huge step forward for women’s wrestling, or at least we thought. Over the years, women’s tag titles have lacked prestige. Often looked at as more of a prop rather than a title, these belts were a non-priority for WWE. Although, WWE has been working on rebuilding the tag titles over the past couple of weeks. I think a redesign could help. While I don’t hate the design of the belts as a whole, there are elements that can be improved. The shape of the belt is a bit odd to me. It’s essentially two squares meeting a circle in the center. It doesn’t have any real flow to it and looks chunky.

Also, the center plate is an odd shape as well. It’s a circle with four spikes coming out of the corners. However, the belts do have some interesting designs in their details of them. I like the leaves coming out of both sides in the center plate, along with the gold mixed with silver. Although I wish there was more gold than silver, it’s still a decent design. While I don’t hate the white straps at all, I think black straps look the best. And it’s a bit odd to me that they now use the white straps to differentiate the women’s titles from the men’s. Overall, these titles aren’t ugly by any means, but they can be improved.

2. Intercontinental Championship

The Intercontinental Championship is the second most prestigious title in WWE. With countless legends having held the title, it has become a prized possession in WWE. Although, over the past few years, it seemingly has lost some of its prestige. In my opinion, it’s still one of the best-looking, top belts in WWE.

The belt got redesigned in 2019. It was out with the legendary design and in with a new one. When first unveiled, the title was hard to see. The material they used for the gold was dark and it was hard to make out the details. WWE quietly fixed the design, so fans were happy. The belt itself has a ton of detail in the center plate and on the side plates. Mostly, I like this one because the WWE logo isn’t in your face. It’s subtly towards the top with a small design. This is one of the more unique title designs from WWE over the past few years.

1. United States Championship

The United States Championship is the best-looking belt in WWE. In 2020, the belt received a redesign for the first time in quite a while. At first, many fans had mixed feelings about the title. But over time, it has grown to be the best-looking one in WWE. This belt has great detail in it. Also, it keeps the classic red and white stripes in the design, which is iconic for the belt. It offers a new element, which is a fairly large bald eagle.

It’s a good mix of gold and silver plating, with it being mostly gold. The belt has a unique shape, without being offensive or odd looking. Furthermore, I like how little WWE branding is on the title. Similar to the Intercontinental Championship, there is a small WWE logo towards the top that isn’t too big at all. I was unsure of the design at first, but it has gotten better with time. There is plenty to enjoy from the United States Championship, which is why it is the best-looking title in WWE.




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