Eugene Chung
(Drew Hallowell)

Eugene Chung Was Told What In A Job Interview?

Eugene Chung is a former NFL player. He was drafted in 1992 by the Patriots, played for them for three seasons, then played for the Jaguars, Colts, Chiefs, and Eagles. In 2010, Chung joined the Eagles once again as an assistant offensive line coach. Afterward, he did the same job in Kansas City from 2013-2015 and then returned to Philadelphia again and wore a lot of hats as an assistant from 2016-2019. Since then, Eugene Chung has been trying to get his foot back in the door in the NFL, which included a remarkably offensive experience this offseason during an interview.

Chung had an interview with an NFL organization that he chose to leave anonymous, but he was not shy about how the interview went down. This is what he told the Boston Globe about the interview:

“It was said to me, ‘Well, you’re really not a minority,’ ” Chung said, “I was like, ‘Wait a minute. The last time I checked, when I looked in the mirror and brushed my teeth, I was a minority,’ ” he said. “So I was like, ‘What do you mean I’m not a minority?’ ”

Asian-American And Pacific Islander Hate Is Real In Sports

Chung, whose parents are both Korean, was absolutely mind-blown that an NFL executive in 2021 would say that to him. Like anyone in that situation, he froze and couldn’t believe what the interviewer said to him.

The interviewer proceeded by saying:

“You are not the right minority we’re looking for.”

What? Did that actually happen?

“That’s when I realized what the narrative was,” Chung said, “I was blown away, emotionally paralyzed for a split second. I asked myself, ‘Did I hear that correctly?’”

Nope. That was real. And Chung reacted very calmly, more composed than 99% of people put in that situation would have reacted anyway.

The NFL has a significant percentage of African-Americans and Hispanic people in it, both as players and coaches. African-Americans and Hispanic people are considered to be minorities in America. But when it comes to Asian-Americans, that fact doesn’t apply according to the NFL executive that interviewed Chung. Clearly, the NFL has some work to do in equalizing the playing field for all minorities.

This can’t happen, especially when the NFL is making attempts to ‘grow the game’ and schedule games internationally. This is not a good look for the NFL and it blows my mind that an NFL executive would treat anybody that way. Especially considering Chung was a former NFL player and a first-round pick!

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