Tim Tebow
(Mark Brown/Getty Images)

Tim Tebow Jerseys Are Back In The Top 5

The last time Tim Tebow played in an NFL game was in week 15 of the 2012 season. Tebow was with the New York Jets, but nothing good came of his time there. Following his time with the Jets, Tebow spent some time with the practice squads of the Patriots and Eagles but never made the roster on either team. He then ventured into baseball and played with the Mets minor league affiliate for a short while, but was never called up during his time there. Now, in 2021, after signing a one-year deal with the Jacksonville Jaguars to play tight end, Tim Tebow will, in all likelihood, return to the NFL. Not only that, but his jersey is now in the top five best-selling products in the NFL shop online.

Why Does Everyone Still Love Tim Tebow So Much?

I do not understand Tebow fans. He was a good college quarterback, but there are plenty of good college quarterbacks who had more success than Tebow in the NFL, and that is not saying much. Tebow has been out of the game for six years, but now he is in the league like he never left, and people started buying his jersey as soon as he was signed by Jacksonville. Tebow will definitely get fans excited and help fill seats, but can he even play anymore?

People must be holding on to that remarkable run in the 2011 Wild Card game. Tebow and the Broncos shocked the world and took down Big Ben and the Steelers after Denver went 8-8 and barely slipped into the playoffs. Other than that, however, Tebow never showed any true arm talent and scrambled on every play. He was never built to last in the NFL, but here he is, now as a tight end. I guess anything is possible if you put your mind to it.