The Philadelphia Eagles have officially taken the crown as the biggest clown show organization in the NFL. (TIM TAI / Philadelphia Inquirer)

The Eagles Are Officially The Biggest Clown Show Franchise In The NFL

Congratulations to the Philadelphia Eagles. You did it. The Eagles officially need to be crowned as the biggest clown show franchise in the NFL. There is no or should be no bigger punching bag in the league right now than Philadelphia.

The Eagles have somehow gone past the Browns as the biggest joke in the league. I’m not kidding. The only team within shouting distance is the Texans but most fans are smart enough to recognize the curse of Bill O’Brien. What the Eagles are doing needs to be put in documentaries.

Think about how little self-awareness the city of Philadelphia has. This is the same fan base that ran Andy Reid out of town. Philadelphia was making NFC title game appearances in their sleep with Donovan McNabb who flat out sucked. That wasn’t good enough for them.

Instead, the Eagles have gone on a hiring spree of Chip Kelly, Andy Reid’s butler, and Frank Reich’s valet parking guy. All because the fan base bullied the organization into thinking Reid wasn’t that good after one bad year. The one bad year, of course, coming after his son died.

The entire Eagles organization is filled with scumbags and clueless dopes. The same people that ran Reid out of town are the same ones that think Nick Foles is a savior.

The same fan base that just ran Carson Wentz out of town. Wentz is one of the 5-10 most talented quarterbacks in the league and Philadelphia decided to eat dead cap to trade Wentz with Jalen Hurts as the only other option on the roster. You can’t make it up. It’s something that should be made into movies.

The common clueless fan has told us over and over that Wentz stinks. Of course, blaming the struggles of a team on one player on a 53 man roster is foolish, but that’s whatever. If you can’t see Wentz’s ability, you can’t be helped. Philadelphia just got pennies on the dollar for someone who was the runaway MVP in 2017 who now gets to reunite with the coach that helped him get there. I know how this story ends. It’s called Andy Reid.

The Philadelphia Eagles have drafted one Pro Bowler in the last seven years. ONE. It’s Carson Wentz. He’s the only one. The last one before him was Fletcher Cox who was drafted in 2012 and Lane Johnson the year after. Nobody has had more laughable draft whiffs since Howie Roseman regained roster control.

This Eagles team is a bottom five roster because Philadelphia has been run into the ground by Roseman. The draft mistakes they have made are one’s a five-year-old could have done a better job just picking random names out of a hat. JJ Arcega-Whiteside, Jalen Reagor, Sidney Jones, Mack Hollins; I can do this all day.

The Eagles roster stinks and they’re 31st in the league in cap space. That was prior to the trade of Wentz. Players like Zach Ertz and others will have to be cut just to get under the cap.

This isn’t just a one year fix. This is a 5-10 year problem. People are laughing at the Texans but in reality, Philadelphia is in a worse spot. I can’t think of another NFL franchise that would get bullied out of giving up on a coach like Reid and trading a quarterback like Wentz for nothing. You did it Philadelphia. You hold the cake as the league’s biggest dumpster fire.