Love it or Hate it, Duke is winning the 2019 NCAA Tournament. Pencil them in your brackets and don’t think twice #Duke (Getty/Lance King)

What’s better than March Madness? The 2019 NCAA Tournament is finally here. Every person that fills out a bracket wants to find that upset pick, but what’s more important is picking the right champion. If you don’t pick the right champ, it’s virtually impossible to win your bracket pool. I have some news for you. Like it or hate it, Duke is winning the 2019 NCAA Tournament.

Duke is going to have 3 players go in the top 5 of the NBA Draft. They have by far the most talent of any team in college basketball. They will have the best two players on the floor in every single game. Zion Williamson is a generational type of player. Zion is shooting almost 70 percent from the floor! He bullies players on every trip down the floor. Zion is so much better than everyone else that even if Duke doesn’t shoot the ball well, they still win. Then you have to add in RJ Barrett. He’s no slouch either. Barrett is the All-Time leading Freshman scorer in the ACC. Barrett isn’t always a fantastic shooter but he’s a polished scorer and willing defender. Barrett is averaging 23 points per game.

Duke is the biggest favorite since the 2014-15 Kentucky team that didn’t lose it’s first game until the Final Four. The team that also won the title that year was Duke. I’m a person that believes in weird things. Both the 2014 Duke team and 2018-19 Duke team have similar components. Duke won that title with Tyus Jones leading the charge. Duke will win this title with Tre Jones. You can make the argument that Tre Jones is the most important player for Duke. He brings leadership, ball handling, passing, and defense. That’s what really takes Duke over the top. It would be one thing to have a bunch of talented Freshman but the Blue Devils have a leader that can handle the ball and get everything going. Forget about the scoring, it’s what Jones does outside of that is what makes Duke deadly.

Duke also has Cam Reddish. This is your Justice Winslow. Some games he goes crazy. A lot of the time, he disappears. Mark this down. There will be one game where Duke falls behind and Reddish saves them. Reddish is the one guy who can really stroke it from the outside. He’s more important than the fans understand. Just like the last time Duke won the title, it’s going to be the four Freshman that takes them to a title.

Duke has all the ingredients. Coach K is the best in the business. They should get Marques Bolden back by the time they face real competition. That’s your rebounder to put back easy baskets. They have the typical Duke white guy with Alex O’Connell who can make it splash. Javin DeLaurier, Jordan Goldwire, Jack White, and Antonio Vrankovic can give Duke quality minutes. Don’t overthink this one. Just pencil Duke in as your national champions.