2019 NCAA Tournament
Trying to find the best first round upset picks in the 2019 NCAA Tournament? Don’t worry, we have you covered! (Brian Spurlock/USA TODAY Sports)

The first round of March Madness might just be the best two days of the year. Every single person that fills out a bracket wants to find that upset pick. It’s jolt of energy when you get one right that you can’t really explain. We also know that the NCAA tournament is an inexact science. That’s why we’re going to try out best to find the best upsets. Who the potential round one upsets you should target in your march madness pool?

Belmont (11 Seed)

Every single year an 11 seed that plays in the first four has gone on to beat a 6 seed. EVERY SINGLE YEAR. Belmont is the pick (If they beat Temple). Belmont has never won an NCAA tournament game (0-7). That just means they are due. Maryland, the team they would play in round one, is the fourth youngest team in college basketball. Belmont has at least 6 players who shot over 35 percent from 3-point range. Rick Byrd’s team is averaging 20 assists per game and they are all willing passers. Belmont’s two leading scorers are both Seniors. If they beat Temple, this is my 11 seed to win a first round game. This team also feels like they have nothing to lose. Belmont got into the dance despite not winning their conference tournament. Might wind up being a great thing.

Yale (14 Seed)

Don’t sleep on the scrappy, Ivy league teams. Yale has won before. They beat Baylor 3 years ago. This team shoots the ball really well and I’m assuming that Yale is at least going to play smart basketball. This team is also littered with Seniors and Juniors. Also, LSU is a total mess. They lost their coach. They just got beat by Florida in the SEC tournament. I can’t imagine a team without a coach will out scheme an Ivy league program. Yale is DANGEROUS.

Murray State (12 Seed)

12 seed’s win all the time. In this instance, the 12 seed will have the best player on the floor. Ja Morant looks like a top 3 Draft pick this summer. Murray State and Marquette is going to be a firework show. Marquette is similar because they rely on one star too, Marcus Howard. The Racers have the better player. Why not side with Murray State?

Oregon (12 Seed)

Oregon is red hot. They are coming off a Pac 12 tournament title. They also get matched up against a Wisconsin team where they have a clear edge in athleticism. Oregon is a 12 seed and yet only a 1 point underdog according to Vegas? They also are playing the game in San Jose. Clear home court right there. Flip a coin on this one.

UC Irvine (13 Seed)

UC Irvine won 30 games this year. That feels important. The Anteaters have the longest winning streak heading into the tournament. They are also playing this game in San Jose. Is Kansas State really that good? They have a tiny point guard named Max Hazzard. Sounds like a bracket buster name.

Northeastern (13 Seed)

Kansas is way down this year. They actually kind of stink. Northeastern is tough. Talk about shooters? 5 guys shoot at least 39 percent from downtown. The entire team is Juniors and Seniors. Kansas is prime for a let down because that’s Kansas.