Drew Lock Colin Cowherd
Drew Lock responded to the criticism of Colin Cowherd. We officially have a dance off coming.

Drew Lock wasn’t going to let the shots by Colin Cowherd go unanswered. Not sure what I mean? Let me get you up to speed.

During the offseason, Cowherd called Lock an MVP candidate.

Halfway into the NFL season, Cowherd no longer likes Lock. Why? Oh, well, it’s because he dances. Not a joke.

The funniest part about Cowherd’s argument is that he tries to make it sound like he warned us about Lock. Nobody takes Cowherd seriously because he changes his mind every five seconds.

Lock wasn’t going to let scrawny Cowherd get away with this. Lock said the following after hearing about Cowherd’s rant.

“I definitely got it sent to me and truthfully I feel like the person … that person just might not be able to dance as well as I do,” Lock said. “So, I would be sour that way too. We’ll see, hopefully my dance moves get better in the public eye because I promise that they’re not going to stop.”

“Quite honestly, it brings the offense together,” Lock explained. “We all have a lot of fun doing it, it brings a fun joy to talk about it. Even to go back after a win and watch it and be like, ‘What were you doing right there?’

“It’s just a fun thing that we all like to do. I’m a part of a younger generation of football that might have a little more fun as far as dancing goes. I’ve been a music guy my whole life. It’s kind of just who I am.”

Cowherd’s argument is flawed. He makes it seem like he’s warned us about players in the past, but his argument is flawed. “Cool” players like Aaron Rodgers and Patrick Mahomes get a pass because they’re talented. BUT others like Lock won’t succeed because he’s cool. Do you see how insane that theory is?

Now Cowherd has responded. Of course, he got what he wanted. Lock responded, which creates more viewership for his show.

Cowherd will dance on the show if the Broncos beat the Falcons. If Atlanta wins, he will come after Lock for showboating and laying an egg to a bad Falcons team. It seems like a fair enough bet and no-lose for Cowherd. More recognition for his show, and now he’s played both sides of the fence. Classic Cowherd!