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Tim Anderson

(Ron Vesely/MLB Photos via Getty Images)

Tim Anderson Won’t Change For Tony La Russa

Tim Anderson
Tim Anderson made it clear he will not change his personality for Tony La Russa. Will the La Russa experiment blow up before it ever gets started? (Ron Vesely/MLB Photos via Getty Images)

If you thought Tim Anderson would conform to Tony La Russa in Chicago, you would be mistaken. Everyone is curious to see how the 76-year-old manager is going to work in Chicago. The White Sox are a young team with swag and talent.

La Russa better be okay with bat flips because Anderson is not changing:

“There’s been a lot of news saying that we might not get along,” Anderson said, chuckling. “Hopefully, we can get along and continue to do what the ultimate goal is — to try to win a championship on the South Side. I’m just ready to pick his brain and learn the knowledge. … Just try to have fun with it, if he allows that.”

“I won’t change my style, the way I play, for Tony,” Anderson said, laughing. “That won’t happen. I will continue to be me. I always have and I always will be. We’ll see what happens, I guess, if I do do a bat flip.”

La Russa hasn’t been in a dugout since 2011. It remains to be seen if La Russa is for or against bat flips. The fact that Anderson already senses that he and La Russa won’t get along isn’t a great sign. When Anderson says he won’t change, it’s hard not to believe him.

The La Russa hire has disaster written all over it. For starters, the hire was a Jerry Reinsdorf decision. You know, the same guy who was too cheap to keep the Michael Jordan Bulls dynasty together. La Russa is a prickly personality and rubbed many people in the front office the wrong way in Boston.

The Chicago White Sox are must-watch TV this year. The only positive is that the AL Central is an incredibly easy division to win.

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