Ben Mintz
Ben Mintz explains his journey to Barstool Sports. Mintz talked about how he ended up at the company after talking on Barstool Breakfast. (Twitter)

Ben Mintz is the newest hire by Barstool Sports. Mintz is known as an Ole Miss football superfan. With Brandon Walker becoming a success at the company, it only made sense to hire someone like Mintz. The Ole Miss vs. Mississippi State Egg Bowl should be electric at the company.

Mintz made an appearance on Barstool Breakfast to describe how he ended up at Barstool:

Mintz spent a lot of his time as a professional poker player. Mintz got 75th at the World Series of Poker in 2011. He also placed in 2018. It remains to be seen whether Mintz takes up the poker route at Barstool. It’s an area the company hasn’t covered outside of some weird posts by the Nate Dog.

Mintz had a strange journey in the media. It’s about who you know, not what you know. Mintz got his opportunity in the radio industry because of a connection with Sean Fox. Mintz admitted he lucked into the gig at a station in Shreveport, Louisiana. Mintz made the most of his opportunity.

Mintz eventually got a job with ESPN Baton Rouge, which was going to be his big break in the industry… or so he thought. ESPN Baton Rouge is the LSU flagship station. Mintz got that job in June. Just a few months later, he got hired to work for Barstool.

You never know what weird road life has in store for you. Mintz is there watching the Ole Miss and Kentucky football game. The Rebels pulled out an overtime victory. Mintz’s buddy filmed his reaction to the win. That was enough for Dave Portnoy to follow him on Twitter and offer him a job.

If Ole Miss never wins that game, who knows if Mintz gets this job. Now he’s at Barstool and will have the chance to turn himself a big personality.