Drew Lock
Drew Lock was confronted about cheating on a 9th grade Geometry test. What do you make of this? (Jamie Squire/Getty Images)

I swear NFL Scouts find more dirt on people than the actual government. If you want to find out some information on someone, hire an NFL team. They actually get things done instead of the government that is so incompetent that they are actually shut down. That dig was warranted USA, clean it up. Okay, moving on.

The 2019 Reese’s Senior Bowl Week is underway and NFL teams get their first taste on some of the eligible draft prospects this year. One such player is Missouri quarterback, Drew Lock (Stay up to date with the site for draft notes). Lock apparently was grilled about cheating on a 9th-grade geometry test. I kid you not.

Gotta love this. Only a matter of time until another story pops up about a player’s mother being a hooker. That’s bound to happen A.K. Dez Bryant. The only thing you worry about here is how in the world did Lock get caught? Everyone cheats, it’s only the stupid ones that are dumb enough or lack the self-awareness to get caught. Especially in high school. The entire school system in this country stinks when it comes to high school. I won scholar-athlete for my school and never brought a book home. High school was a joke.

This story really means nothing but it is kinda funny. In regards to Lock, I think he’s a really interesting story to keep an eye on this week. Drew Lock is a four-year starter with big production in the SEC. Lock threw for over 12,000 yards and 99 touchdowns during his career at the University of Missouri. Don’t be shocked if he winds up in the first round.