Dallas Goedert
Dallas Goedert is the most underrated tight end in football. God only knows what he would do as a primary tight end in an offense. The Eagles are lucky to have him. (Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports)

Every single year for fantasy, I love looking for breakout tight ends. The problem is the player I’m about to already has burst onto the scene. You just haven’t noticed because he isn’t the primary option in the offense. Dallas Goedert is the most underrated tight end in football. Goedert is unbelievable.

Goedert is never going to usurp Zach Ertz in the offense. That doesn’t mean we can’t recognize how spectacular Goedert is. There isn’t a team in the NFL that has a better one-two punch at the tight end position. I’m not sure we have seen one as good since Gronk and Aaron Hernandez.

One of the things that makes Goedert so valuable is the fact that he catches everything. Not just that, if you throw the ball in the direction of Goedert, he comes away with it. As a rookie, Goedert had a catch percentage of 75. As a Sophomore when all his stats basically doubled, he maintained a high catch percentage hauling in 66.7 percent. There are not many guys with higher marks than that.

Good things happen when the ball goes to Dallas Goedert. Not to mention, he’s also a VERY good blocker. He’s used often as an in line blocker which makes him tougher to scheme against. Is he going out to run a route or staying in to block? In a part time role, the former South Dakota State product has 91 catches for 941 yards and nine touchdowns. One could only imagine if he was the primary tight end in this offense.

I’m not saying Goedert is better than Zach Ertz… but he might be. Goedert ranked 2nd in the NFL in yards after the catch (8.6). He’s just such a mismatch out there. It’s one thing to worry about Zach Ertz. It’s another to try to cover two of them. Dallas Goedert is a 6-foot-5 chess piece that you can’t tackle.

The strength of the Eagles is their two tight ends. It’s time to give Dallas Goedert the respect he deserves. Philadelphia has two great tight ends, not just one. When the time comes two years from now, Goedert is going to get big bucks.