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Draft Busters 2025 NFL Draft Linebacker Rankings

2025 NFL Draft
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Draft Busters 2025 NFL Draft Linebacker Rankings

The Draft Busters are back in your life, as Chickster and I are bringing you our way too early 2025 NFL Draft rankings! This defensive class has the potential to be one of the better classes in recent memory, and at first glance, Linebacker has some dudes. EDGE and the secondary have some solid guys, but this LB class is littered with talent. Teams should have no issues finding players in any round of the draft.

*Trey has already covered the LInebackers, which you can find here. As usual, Chickster’s rankings will be at the bottom*

10)  Jamon Dumas-Johnson (Kentucky)

We start our list with a former Georgia Bulldog, Jamon Dumas-Johnson (we will be referring to him as JDJ going forward). Anytime you can land a transfer from Georgia, you are bound for great things out of him. JDJ has a handful of starts on a Georgia defense that is always ranked among the best in the country. That counts for something. Willing tackler. He’ll be 23 when the draft comes around, which I don’t *love* but he can’t help that, obviously.

9) Collin Oliver (Oklahoma State)

You’re going to see some names on here that you would classify as an EDGE rusher. It’ll be fine. I wouldn’t be shocked if Collin Oliver classifies as an EDGE when the 2025 NFL Draft comes around. He totaled seven sacks a year ago for an Oklahoma State team that was in the conference title game. If he wants to make a name for himself this year and rise up boards, he is going to need to dramatically improve his zone coverage skills. Otherwise, he might as well just declare himself a pure pass rusher.

8) Barrett Carter (Clemson)

I’ll admit, I ate the cheese early on Jeremiah Trotter Jr. last season. Then I tuned in and found this freak of nature Barrett Carter flying around and realized here is the real stud for Clemson. Former five-star guy, number one LB, and 18th overall prospect in the 2021 class. Carter’s closing speed and pure tackling form has to make running backs nervous. I think he is going to be a real stud, and having him eighth on my list is a testament to the guys in this class.

7) Jay Higgins (Iowa)

Listen, I love Linebackers who are involved in every play. Who when I search for leading tackler in the country, their name is up there with an absurd number. That is the case here with Jay Higgins from Iowa. Ready? 171 total tackles last season. Somehow just four ahead of Old Dominion’s Jason Henderson (who I also kind of like). This shows me he is always looking to be involved in the play and will find a way to hit someone. Sign me up.

6) Raylen Wilson (Georgia)

Sometimes it hurts my head how Georgia continues to have all of these studs at every position. Raylen Wilson is the first name of three(!) Linebackers are on my rankings for the 2025 NFL Draft, and I legit think they have someone who could be better than all of them waiting in the wings. Former five-star recruit, and number two Linebacker in the 2023 class. Will he see a ton of the field with all the talent that’s on this roster? Maybe not, but he will be a steal for someone in the middle rounds of the draft next season if that is the case.

5) Xavian Sorey Jr. (Arkansas)

Another Georgia transfer who should see a ton of playing time for his new school and will likely shine. Xavian Sorey Jr. was good enough for Kirby Smart, he should be good enough for you. I think his athleticism will bode well in this defense. He is going to benefit greatly from a change of scenery and his draft stock will reflect this.

4) Abdul Carter (Penn State)

Is Abdul Carter an EDGE or a pure Linebacker? Probably the former, but he lands on this list anyway. I’m sure that when the 2025 NFL Draft comes around, we will be categorizing him as an EDGE. He saw a slight regression in sack production a year ago, but he has the pure speed to turn it around in 2024. He has the hips and footwork to be better in zone coverage than he has currently, so hopefully we see some improvement in that area this season.

3) Smael Mondon Jr. (Georgia)

Trey has been talking about Smael Mondon Jr. since this time last year. He’s a former five-star recruit in the 2021 class and has been a stalwart on this Bulldogs defense. This dude’s a freak of nature athletically. If you watch Georgia football, chances are you already know he is among the best in the country.

2) Jalon Walker (Georgia)

Copy Mondon but add a ton of football IQ, and you have Jalon Walker. The scary thing is that Walker was not a starter last season for this Georgia team and still finished with five sacks. He’ll be on the field much more this season. If so, we could see some crazy numbers out of Walker.

1) Harold Perkins (LSU)

No joke, if Harold Perkins had been eligible for the 2024 NFL Draft, I might have taken him as the first defensive player off the board. My only request out of this LSU staff is to feed this dude whatever he wants to put on a little weight so he can go back to playing EDGE. I’m not 100% sure the move to inside linebacker is the right one, but I am sure once the 2025 NFL Draft comes around, the declaration will show EDGE, not LB.

Chickster’s Rankings:

  • 10) Xavian Sorey Jr. (Arkansas)
  • 9) Collin Oliver (Oklahoma State)
  • 8) Jay Higgins (Iowa)
  • 7) Jack Kiser (Notre Dame)
  • 6) Smael Mondon Jr. (Georgia)
  • 5) Danny Stuntsman (Oklahoma)
  • 4) Barrett Carter (Clemson)
  • 3) Jamon Dumas-Johnson (Kentucky)
  • 2) Harold Perkins (LSU)
  • 1) Abdul Carter (Penn State)


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